MDC targets young female voters

MDC targets young female voters

FORMER Industry minister Welshman Ncube’s MDC is targeting new women voters, as part of its plan to unseat President Robert Mugabe from power in next year’s general elections.

Source: MDC targets young female voters – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 15, 2017


Opposition parties across the board are girding themselves for an assault on Mugabe’s throne amid indications the ruling party is at its weakest, while the 93-year-old Zimbabwean leader is fighting old age and failing health.

Mugabe will stand for election as President at 94.

The MDC women’s assembly said it will use the women’s month to encourage females to register in huge numbers ahead of the elections.

National spokesperson, Thamarie Chimanzi said the participation of a greater number of women in the elections will shift the tide in favour of democratic forces.

“We want to call upon all women of Zimbabwe to take a stand in response to the hardships and misery inflicted on citizens by the ruthless Zanu PF government by registering to vote in preparation for the 2018 general elections,” Chimanzi said.

Youths organisations like the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) are already campaigning among young people to register as voters, while former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T is targeting first-time voters born in 1999 when the party was formed.

Chimanzi said her party is aware that Zanu PF will try to manipulate the voter registration process that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has indicated could be biometric.

“We are encouraging young women, in particular between the ages of 18-29 years, to take part in the exercise and avoid the apathy trap.

“It is clear that the challenges we are facing as a nation demand that young women step up and raise their voice and demand change on issues that matter to them. The next election is a good opportunity to overwhelmingly vote out Zanu PF and consign it in the dustbin of history where it belongs,” Chimanzi said.

Chimanzi said it is important for young people to register to vote, as this will allow them an opportunity to ensure that “their issues” are part of the national agenda.

“The current regime is out of touch with the needs of young women, as evidenced by an unemployment rate that has plummeted to above 95%, placing women at a major disadvantage at all levels of society,” she said adding most young women have turned to dangerous trades for survival.