Ministry threatens defaulting youths with court action

via Ministry threatens defaulting youths with court action – The Zimbabwean 17 July 2015 by Regerai Tukutuku

Thousands of Zanu (PF) youths who borrowed money from the government’s youth fund during the run up to the 2013 elections risk being dragged to court after the ministry of youth, indigenisation and economic empowerment gave them an ultimatum to settle the debts in full.

According to government sources the youths borrowed money ranging from $800 – $1000, but most of them have not repaid back a single cent.

In a letter dispatched to all provinces by the ministry, now headed by former Manicaland governor Christopher Mushowe, the youths were ordered to pay back their outstanding areas before the end of this month or risk court action.

The loans recovery manager in the ministry, Collins Chikukwa , has since written letters to all the provinces demanding that all outstanding loans be paid on or before July 20 this year.

In a letter dated May 28 and copied to all the country’s provinces Chikukwa said ” We demand the balance in full on or before July 20 2015 or risk legal action. No payment plans would be entertained after this date and those who will have defaulted will be issued with summons”.

In what was viewed as a campaign gimmick, hordes of Zanu (PF) youths were given loans from the youth fund administered by the ministry during the run-up to the 2013 polls. The fund is meant to assist youths in order for them to embark on development projects, irrespective of their political affiliation. However it has been turned into a Zanu (PF) project, with youths aligned to President Mugabe and his ruling) party being the sole beneficiaries.

Although Mushowe could not be reached for comment, government sources said the treasury – which is almost empty – was trying to strengthening ways of recovering all monies owed to the state by companies and individuals.

“Government has no money and is leaving no stone unturned in making sure that it recover every cent from its debtors, “said a government source. However some of the youths said they would not pay back the loans because they do not have the money.

“Where does the government think we are going to get the money to pay back the loans?” asked one of the youths, who preferred to be anonymous. “We are just waiting for the court action and we will defend ourselves in court because some of us were given the funds on the understanding that it would not have to be paid back,” he added.


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    Aahaa. The money supposed to be an inducement for zanu pf youth to terrorize reluctant masses into voting zanu pf against their will. Indeed it was payment for ensuring zanu pf subversion of the will of the masses and was never a loan as such.

    Question may be why are they being coerced to pay back now? Of course, the answer is obvious to anyone who is mature; okay from neck up; and knowledgeable of this animal called zanu pf. For the benefit of those who don’t know: Zanu pf “is a cold-blooded election animal” – i.e. a creature that only cares about the other next election. So, that being the case, one needs to know that the animal is broke becoz it has run down the country, and most of so-called youth who benefited will not be ‘youth’ by 2018 election. So the beast needs to recover that money to give to the new group of ‘youth’ in 2018 so that they can also maim and/or murder people as they coerce them to vote zanu pf.

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    As they are “Zanooo youffs” – they certainly did not expect to be asked to pay back “loans”

    To a Zanoid a “loan” = “gift”, from the top down to the very bottom (Zanooo youffs)

    That’s why the country doesn’t repay the IMF, the AfDB – or anyone else. I don’t think they ever have? Someone correct me if I’m wrong and they know of a case where the Zim govt, or a Zanoid has ever repaid a loan?

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    @KWV ZANU appears to be on borrowed time as well and somehow they keep getting an extension on the loan. It seems even God can’t get anything back from them!!!!