Mugabe dairy ‘bomber’ in new U-turn

via Mugabe dairy ‘bomber’ in new U-turn – NewZimbabwe 08/02/2016

ZIMBABAWE People’s Front president, Owen Kuchata, has again changed his plea to guilty after having denied charges of attempting to bomb Gushungo Dairies last Friday.

He will be sentenced for insurgency Tuesday.

Kuchata told court Monday that he had misunderstood the court procedure which initially made him to be put on full trial when he pleaded not guilty.

He said he only understood after going through the papers, adding he maintains that he is guilty of money laundering and possession of weaponry for destruction.

“When the interpreter translated the facts from Shona to English, I got the impression that they alleged that Alpha Omega Dairies was a public institution yet it is Mugabe’s private property; that is the reason why I had disputed the charge,” said Kuchata.

“I have since gone through the State outline and now plead guilty to the initial charges but refute committing treason.”

Harare regional magistrate, Hosea Mujaya, ordered the State to furnish the court with a certification from Standards Association of Zimbabwe proving that the petrol bombs were lethal before the sentence is handed down Tuesday.

When he appeared in court last week to plead, Kuchata declared that destroying President Robert Mugabe’s property was the “rightful thing a person with people at his heart could do”.

“We wanted to bomb Mugabe’s private property because Robert Mugabe is causing disorder and problems in this country; and it was my idea.

“I had the right to do so because I’m working for the interests of people of this nation,” Kuchata said last Friday.

The politician, 34, faces charges of attempting to bomb the First Family’s Alpha Omega Dairy farm in Mazowe.

He is jointly charged with alleged accomplices Borman Ngwenya, 30, Solomon Makumbe, 29, and Silas Pfupa, 37. Makumbe and Ngwenya are said to be army intelligence operatives.

Charges against the duo were withdrawn before they were promptly re­arrested in a development that saw Prosecutor General (PG) Johannes Tomana charged with obstructing the course of justice.