Mugabe lashes out at Chinese

Source: Mugabe lashes out at Chinese – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 19, 2017

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has lashed out at his “all-weather friends” — the Chinese — for allegedly using him to hoodwink the people of Manicaland province into believing they would benefit from proceeds of Chiadzwa’s Marange diamonds.


Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters in Mutare on Friday, Mugabe admitted he was made to “wave dummy cheques” by Chinese diamond miners who pledged $10 million to develop communities affected by mining activities.

“You have grievances as people of Manicaland and we are aware of that. We know that you had expected money to be deposited in the Community Share Ownership Scheme like what happened in Zvimba (Mugabe’s home area), but it never came. The Chinese used us and that is why we kicked them out,” Mugabe said.

Two Chinese firms — Anjin and Jinan — were among five diamond miners licensed to extract the mineral from Chiadzwa before government withdrew their operating licences last year following reports of massive leakages and smuggling of the gems out of the country.

The Chinese firms operating in the Marange area promised to plough back over $10 million towards the Community Share Ownership Scheme, but reportedly reneged on their pledge.

“Even me, an old man, I feel used. They made me walk around waving dummy cheques, yet they never fulfilled the promise they gave. We then had a misunderstanding with the Chinese and we kicked them out along with the South Africans and the Lebanese. They lied to me, but we will not forget the people of Manicaland,” Mugabe said.

First Lady Grace Mugabe is currently locked in a bitter legal battle with a Lebanese gem dealer after a $1,4 million ring deal went awry.

Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who served as Indigenisation minister at the time of the share ownership schemes, was implicated in the scam.

Government last year took over all diamond mining activities and established the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC).

Mugabe said court challenges by the Chinese had slowed down government’s plans.

“They went to court, but lost. This has slowed us down, but I can assure you that once we are mining and selling our diamonds, we will fulfil the promise made, not by government, but by the Chinese,” the President said.

Mugabe, for years, has harped on the so-called “Look East Policy”, mainly aimed at wooing Chinese companies to prop up his beleaguered regime with little success.

In the past two years, the Zanu PF leader has signed a litany of memoranda of understanding with a number of Chinese companies — dubbed the mega deals — but little has come in the form of operationalisation, amid reports that the Chinese were waiting in the wings to do business with Mugabe’s successor.

The Chinese were reportedly holding out for Mugabe to hand-over power to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader and former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvagwa last year admitted meeting the Chinese, in which discussions over Mugabe’s age were raised.

“In the course of discussing investments in Zimbabwe, the Chinese asked about political risk given the President’s age. They (Chinese) drew parallels to a retirement age father applying for a mortgage loan. The bank manager will ask for the working age son to co-sign so as to address life risk. The State House in Harare received that report and laced it with a nefarious twist to President Mugabe,” Mutsvangwa said last year.


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    So, Mugabe really believes Manicaland people are that foolish nhayi? If anyone cheated the State of it’s dues did they only have to be kicked out of Chiadzwa, after having “a misunderstanding” of a personal nature with Mugabe? Were they not supposed to charged? We thought when Mugabe signs-off national resources to his friends of sorts he would at least negotiate legally binding contracts. If that is not the case, so it means Zim has a mentally deranged president who just dishes out national resource to foreigners on the basis of some verbal talk over a cup tea. And such an uncouth idiot is now busy gallivanting the length and breadth of Zim asking for a fresh mandate to continue defiling our State House with his unparalleled idiosyncrasy. To hell with the old idiot!!! Nxaaaaaa!!!!

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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    What a liar.

    Mugabe was, and still is, in league with these his “Look East Friends” all along, so as to rob us blind of our God given diamond gift, now valued at over US$15 billion.

    Now that an election is getting near we are expected to believe this nonsense and keep on voting for him so to be “hoodwinked” over and over again…and yet again…and then by his so called wife…and then by his so supposed children…and then by his supposed grandchildren.

    Please God take all of these rapacious thieves off our necks, and let Zimbabwe live and prosper again…

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      Gwenyambira 5 years ago


      “I gave you a brain, hands, mouth, legs, muscle and everything else I gave to any other human. Your continued reference to me as the cause of your laziness in using the assets I gave you from birth is frivolous and vexatious.

      You want me to fight your own wars for you? You want me to deliver the future you “deserve?” And what have you done for yourself? What? What have you used that brain, that muscle, those hands I gave you? Should you ever associate my name with the evils of your “rulers” and your “laziness” I shall decree that you shall never enter the gates of heaven. I help those who take the initiative.

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    Gwenyambira 5 years ago

    Africans, what animals are you people!? Do you have any brains at all? Why do you allow this old ox to lie to you day in day out? Hey, do I read you correct? Your so called president is a thief, stealing from you and from your children.

    We saw him dining the Chinese. We saw him receiving “gifts” from them. LIAR, IDIOT LIAR!

    How could this nation keep such a diabolic monster at the stewardship of their country for so long? Perplexing!! Primitive people? Backward? Reason why they were enslaved and colonized, by the Arabs first, then the Americans and then the Europeans? And now it’s China’s turn? Woooooooooow, apes?

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    Dubbozimbo 5 years ago

    No whites left to blame, let’s blame the Chinese. What a twit.