Mugabe losing grip on Zanu PF

via Mugabe losing grip on Zanu PF – DailyNews Live 1 December 2014

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF are on the brink. For 51 years, Zanu PF has navigated choppy and stormy waters with Mugabe ensuring that it has remained intact.

This week, the party holds its congress amid shellacking and purging of senior party officials who are spuriously accused of plotting to assassinate Mugabe.

What is remarkable about the current goings on in Zanu PF is the role that Mugabe has played in widening the chasm between a group aligned to his wife — Grace, and fellow comrades loyal to his deputy, Joice Mujuru.

Mugabe has tacitly approved the barracking and humiliation of Mujuru by junior party officials whose behaviour has been consistent with the similar vituperative insults by Grace.

Yet this behaviour is at odds with Mugabe’s earned role of being the glue that holds Zanu PF and Zimbabwe together.

“Mugabe is the glue that holds the party together. The death knell of the party may await his death and/or that of the other dinosaurs at the helm,” the United States embassy said in a cable released by WikiLeaks in the run up to the 2009 Zanu PF congress.

This observation no longer has meaning especially in the eyes of ordinary Zanu PF members and the general public whose expectation was a congress that seals the future of the party and to some extent, the country, but via a smooth process.

What is obtaining in Zanu PF leaves us with no choice but to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Mugabe whose insatiable appetite for power is driving Zanu PF towards the precipice.

The congress has lost its true value to Zanu PF supporters and pro-democracy groups whose exhortations to the nonagenarian Zimbabwean leader to nurture our nascent political democratic processes, have been largely ignored.

It is Mugabe who emerges the winner at the end of this week’s congress but without a doubt it would be a pyrrhic victory because it is being achieved at the expense of democracy.

It would be really something special if Mugabe was to pull a rabbit of out the hat at the end of the congress considering that everything done so far points to a dead rubber.

There are no more elections; Mugabe will have the pleasure of determining who gets what!

The people’s vote does not count anymore!

And a man viewed as the glue that keeps Zanu PF together, is writing history that could potentially sink the party!


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    mapingu 6 years ago

    Yet him or like him. The fact is its not Mugabe’s fault. The blame lies squarely on the proverbial “Mugabe’s wives” as one wise lady once put it.

    ZANU PF is comprised of cowardice & opportunistic men & women who over the years have been stampeding and falling on each as they compete to outdo each other in pleasing the “dear husband”. Calling the “husband” all sorts of outlandish names or titles – including Son of God, Brother of Jesus, Devine leader and blaaa blaaa….Then after all that flattery of monumental proportion the husband accidentally learns that after all the “wives” are not as loyal to him as they pretend. Its the husband’s vengeful respond understandable? I think it is. These should have stuck to principle and insist on open debate on issues and not allow the organization to slip into an individual’s pocket while they are busy dishing out pretentious praises to the individual.

    Vakarumwa nechekuchera avo. They have themselves to blame.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    Another interesting view about Mugabe, Zanu and Zimbabwe. While writers opinion is respected it is plain to see that the view given is favourable to Zanu and Mugabe. In my opinion whether Zanu or Mugabe go we will be better off. The glue that is keeping Zimbabwe together at this time is not Mugabe or Zanu. IT IS THE GREAT PEOPLE OF ZIMBABWE. The tax payers, those tolling in the informal sectors, the Diaspora, the housewifes , the fathers and more. So dont say Mugabe or Zanu because they alone are trying their damnest to break the Zimbabwean spirit .

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    george cameron 6 years ago

    Mugabe is the Supreme leader of Zimbabwe. We all worshiped him all the way, some fell by the way side as loyal zanu pf cadres continued worshiping our supreme leader cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe.You must also remember that Zanu PF belongs to the President, so if you join the party you join the President. If you are against the President who won elections overwhelmingly just 13 months ago then you are a sell out. Repent cde

    • comment-avatar

      george cameron … Worship is for God not for mere man, and God is coming down on you and you demigod now so I would suggest that repentence is for you to consider for your idolatory.

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    Tinomunamataishe 6 years ago

    Not sure whether Mugabe is still really the glue but I think what Robert and Grace are doing to Zanu PF at the moment is good for us all. In the past four months they have weakened Zanu PF and I hope they continue to expel other senior members to increase the disgruntlement and apprehension within the party.

    By the time Robert goes there will be nobody to bring back all those people together. The more polarised Zanu is the better for us all and long term Zimbabwe will be a better place.

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    kelly 6 years ago

    I dont understand how Zimbos can stay passive and indifferent when such nonsense is happening. I guess the fear game and intimidation has gone to our bones and we dont know what to do next. Cry the beloved country

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    NYADZI 6 years ago

    Fantastic what is going on in ZANU PF ,what goes around will eventually come around ,I don’t believe Bob is running Zimbabwe and I think who ever has control of the army and police will be the next president!Zimbabweans always have to choose the bad and evil as opposed to the good and correct!Also amazing how humans have a inclination to self destruct!Anyway God is watching!

    • comment-avatar
      Don cox 6 years ago

      A military dictatorship with a permanent state of emergency is by far the most likely next government. There is no chance that the generals will allow any democracy.

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    Rodlin Mvelase 6 years ago

    All true liberation movements within SADC have new leadership after their congresses except for this sick party of foolish charlatans and cabals. It is a shame. This party has power mongers as leader surrounded by murderous cowards for its members. I remember one who said he would never stop supporting Mugabe no matter how much he suffered. Foolish imbeciles are you Zanu people.

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 6 years ago

    Stop writing rubbish! You guys have been saying this for the last 20 years!

    • comment-avatar
      wensil 6 years ago

      And you Chimusoro what have you been saying/doing in those 20 years?

  • comment-avatar
    Patriotic 6 years ago

    God forsaken people of Zimbabwe. The suffering continues

  • comment-avatar
    Rodlin Mvelase 6 years ago

    @chimusoro Zimbabwe is what it is today because of thugs like you. Munopiwa mbanje ne maskud kuti vaponde vanhu vanoda kuti nyika ibudirire.
    Anyway that how all Zanu guys think, they all cowards &abuse state resources to murder and silence progressive view…pathetic counter-revolutionaries who are possessed by mugabe demon.