‘Mugabe never liked Mujuru’

via ‘Mugabe never liked Mujuru’ – DailyNews Live 15 April 2015 by Fungi Kwaramba

HARARE – In the latest twist to Zanu PF’s ugly infighting, a source claims that former Vice President Joice Mujuru had been sidelined for “a whole decade” while she was President Robert Mugabe’s number two.

The insider, who claims to know intimate details of Mugabe and Mujuru’s relationship over the past decade, said this had been the reason why the former VP had not been accorded benefits by the nonagenarian such as new vehicles, a government house or a farm — as had been the case with other VPs.

The insider said it was clear that Mujuru and her late husband Solomon had been targeted by Mugabe and “his henchmen” from day one — who allegedly wanted to “freeze them out of politics” and ensure that the nonagenarian handpicked his successor and not have that person elected.

“The Mujurus never benefited from the government in terms of houses and vehicles. In the case of the former VP, she was not even given a new fleet, except for one vehicle, when she was appointed and was instead given vehicles which were previously used by the late VP Mzenda,” the source said.

Mujuru was apparently given a brand new armoured Land Cruiser only when a similar one was also being given to controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe — and thus had to rely on “either her own vehicles or on government pool cars”.

In contrast, Mujuru’s successors VPs Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko had been “treated with new fleets of vehicles that include Mazda BT 50 vehicles”.

“The Mujurus bought their Chisipite house with their own resources and it was not a government house as many would want to say today,” the source added.

It has been reported that Mphoko allegedly flatly refused to occupy a Mandara house that was left vacant following the death of former Vice President Joseph Msika in 2009, instead asking for his own bigger home.

Mujuru refused to comment on the allegations yesterday, merely choosing to say, “I am now busy”.

But the source said so bad were relations between Mugabe and the Mujurus that they had lost two farms in Shamva when government embarked on its ad hoc land reform programme.

“She never benefited from the land reform programme but actually lost her two farms in Shamva, Kamurinje and Kadogen farms, which the couple bought around 1984 because the late General felt since he was not educated, farming was the only thing that he could do well.”

According to the source, the Mujurus were later given Ruzambu Farm in Beatrice, as compensation for the loss of their two farms in Shamva.