Mujuru breaks silence

via Mujuru breaks silence – NewsDay Zimbabwe February 17, 2016

FORMER Vice-President and leader of the new political outfit known as Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) Joice Mujuru says she is ready for the country’s rugged political terrain.


Mujuru, who was purged from Zanu PF in 2014 on allegations of trying to topple President Robert Mugabe, told Voice of America’s Studio 7 that the internal turmoil bedevilling her former party did not surprise her.

Her official re-entry into the country’s political minefield signals the beginning of what could be an interesting run-in to the 2018 elections at a time when Mugabe’s Zanu PF is literally at war with itself.

“For a year, I have not given any interview because I knew that the things that happened to me were meant to get rid of someone they knew had something different from what they had. It was a marriage of convenience,” she said.

“It (her removal) was not meant for the good of Zanu PF. I am not surprised because I knew they were all lies and they were not telling the truth among themselves. I knew it would not take long before the world knew the truth and now the world has seen it all.”

Mujuru’s arch-nemesis and successor Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has since become the target of similar allegations of trying to topple Mugabe.

Mnangagwa is now under fire again from First Lady Grace Mugabe, who accuses the veteran liberation war hero of stitching up a plan with assistance from sections of the military to “kill” her youngest son, Chatunga Bellarmine, as well as bomb her business empire in Mazowe.

But Mujuru described her tormentors as “thugs and liars”.

“Since I left the party, I decided to just move on. I did not want to involve or entangle myself with the goings-on in Zanu PF. I knew they were a group of thugs, power-hungry people, a group of liars who can just fabricate things and I am not such a character,” she said.

Mujuru also confirmed her group had notified the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) of the existence of ZPF, likely with a view to taking part in future polls.

“I registered on Friday (last week) and this is due to overwhelming demand from the people. We should have registered mid-last year.

“I did not want to rush into it without satisfying myself that we had done the best recruitment, that we had reached all areas from Mukumbura to Beitbridge, from the border with Botswana to the border with Mozambique and I think we have done that.”


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    amina 6 years ago

    Its okay that there are many political parties in Zimbabwe, the fact that Mujuru is in seem to me that all the rigging of elections that were being done by ZANU PF was typical to secret to the extend that even Mujuru second in command did not even know. That leaves Mnangagwa, Mugabe, Mudede, the military, CIO, ZRP and Rita Mkarau. Mujuru should know that in 2008 MDC did not get into political power of governing after winning the elections since MDC had split and Makoni had also recently formed MDK, these outfits worked in the favor of ZANU PF. Otherwise Mugabe would have not even had an opportunity to temper with the results delaying them for over a month and then announced 47%. 43% and 7%. There would have been 50.53% MDC and ZANU PF 49.47%. The constitution would have given MDC outright victory. So when you are now in there will be more room to play with figures. Constitution does not allow two political formations to come together to form a government with the majority being president. More so ZANU PF had rigged the election in such that Makoni was going to team up with ZANU PF and have government and leave MDC T in the cold. The positive view from the formation is that now when MDCT, MDCN and other minorities of NCA, Biti and Mangoma etc comes to party, there will be legitimacy of political parties uniting against ZANU PF. But at the same time ZANU PF does not regard elections results still, meaning they can still rig, unless there is real threat of civil war or real threat on Mugabe’s life and family then they will find loosing as the only sane excuse of leaving peacefully other wise MDC and ZPF forget ruling.

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      Collin Mackenzie 6 years ago

      What difference will she bring we all know you have been stealing for 36 years

      Shut up or rather go shoot down planes.

      Marara chete chete

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    Mujuru’s ouster is but a side show made to look real but in essence a way for the tyrants at the top to secure their stolen loot over all these years. You think that Mugabe would leave mujuru to live if she was his real apponent. Hogwash it’s another scam that the people must wake up to.
    Bloody devious Zanoids!,,,,