Mutasa: I bought house but I’ve no proof

via Mutasa: I bought house but I’ve no proof  NewZimbabwe 29/06/2015

AXED presidential affairs minister Didymus Mutasa is refusing to vacate a Rusape council house he claims to have bought in 1984.

The local authority has asked him for proof of purchase but the former Zanu PF administration secretary claims he was not given title deeds, some 30 years after moving into the property.

Shockingly, the former powerful cabinet minister says he should not be bothered about the matter.

He said: “I regard zvinhu zvandirikushandisa sezvangu (everything I’m using as mine). Why should they talk about it now when I started staying in the house in 1984?”

Council officials say Mutasa forced the local authority to lease him the property, which is located at Number 4 Mbuya Nehanda.

Mutasa, who was kicked out of Zanu PF for allegedly being part of a coup plot against President Robert Mugabe, has allegedly not paid a penny to the council in rentals or rates.

The local authority recently revalued the property and presented Mutasa with a US$45,000 bill, telling him he could either buy the house or move out.

“Pursuant to our letters dated 6 January 2000 and 17 March 2015, council at its 291st regular full council meeting resolved through resolution FC14/05/15 that: council offers you to purchase the house at Stand 160 Rusape Township and developments thereon at a cost of $45 000.

“You should accept the offer within seven days of receipt of this offer letter and make the full payment by 31st December 2015,” reads the letter signed by town secretary Joshua Maligwa.

Mutasa has refused to either pay or move out, claiming he bought the property.

Fair enough, says Rusape council, but where is the proof of said purchase?

Mutasa won’t produce the evidence, protesting instead that the council was playing politics.

“Council advised Mr Mutasa to produce evidence that he bought the house. He has not furnished council with that evidence to date,” an official at the local authority told the Herald.

The former minister however, admits he does not have the proof of purchase.

“I bought the house in 1984 but they refused to give me the title deed,” he said.

“I would have produced the title deed if they had given me.

“They should give me some rest and not heap every kind of stupid accusation on me.”

He added: Vanotanga kundinyorera tsamba izvozvi (They start writing to me now)?!

“To issue a statement and say we have revalued the house to $45 000? Why value a property which belongs to me?”


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    GURUNDORO 7 years ago

    That is Zanu Pf for you Cde Mutasa.

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    Nkosilathi mkwananzi 7 years ago

    Makadini Vamuka say

    Sorry no kuti hamuna proof yeku time mak at engagement imba. Asi hamuna base yeku time imba ndeyenyu nyangwe kuCon Court hamu hwine.
    Manyadzo kuti mumire muchiti imba ndeyenyu musina proof.
    NeLawlessness yedu ma Zimbos nehuMafia humbavha humharapatsetse nehunhubu zvakaoma kuti imwe mbavha irikutonga I believe kuti shiva makabvisa mari for the house.

    Morumwa nechekuchera.
    Muchirikutonga maiudzwa kuti kubvuta Mapurazi I lawlessness imitation mukati kupenga. Kana murimiwo vaMutasa mungati munhu akatenga something as in a proof muZimbabwe.

    Ukasiya vana vako vavhichemedza maNeighbours nehumbavha hwawo iwe uchiseka. Man g want Ndiwe uchachema strong.

    Sorii vaMutasa

    Welcome. Everyone needs good neighbours

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    R Judd 7 years ago

    What? No receipt? Did you pay any tax in that year you old goat?

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    I had a farm which i bought and showed the title deed to Mutasa.My farm was still taken by his henchman with no payment made.Why is he complaining?