Mutsvangwa’s son arrested for rape

WAR veterans leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa’s son, Neville appeared in court on Friday charged with raping and indecently assaulting a 43-year-old woman.

Source: Mutsvangwa’s son arrested for rape – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 15, 2016


Neville (36), was granted $50 bail and remanded to August 28 when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe.

As part of his bail conditions, Neville was ordered to reside at the given address, not to interfere with State witnesses and to report every Friday at Harare Central Police Station’s law and order section.

Allegations are that on August 8 this year, Neville and the complainant met at Borrowdale Race Course and started playing casino until the next morning.

The State alleges Neville then offered to drive the complainant to town. As they drove towards Harare Sports Club, Neville diverted the route and drove to a flat at number 3 San Fernando along Baines Avenue. He then flung open the gate by remote control and drove inside.

He then allegedly invited the complainant into his office and she complied. As he opened the door, the complainant asked for a toilet and she was directed. After she finished relieving herself, he allegedly invited her to his office. When she got in, she allegedly found him naked and the suspect allegedly made sexual advances towards her, but she spurned him.

The State alleges Neville then grabbed her by the neck and forced her to kneel on the floor and he forcibly inserted his privates into her mouth.

The State further alleges Neville then put on a condom and had sexual intercourse with her.

After the act, she went to the toilet and washed her mouth before they proceeded to Neville’s parked vehicle.

Neville then drove the complainant to Msasa Shopping Centre, but she asked him to drop her at Joina City in the central business district. It is alleged as Neville was driving the complainant was crying.

On arrival at Joina City, Neville allegedly offered her $20 and she refused, got out of the car and proceeded to Harare Central Police Station to report the matter.

She was then escorted to hospital, where she was medically examined and a medical affidavit was obtained.
Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.


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    Anyone seen this movie: “Sins of the Father” ?

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    Zvanyanya 6 years ago

    If someone tells me that lady does not have teeth in her mouth…If someone tells me that ‘rapist’ has a big hand that can handle an old lady’s neck while the other hand is inserting the guy’s privates into the lady’s mouth…of someone tells me the guy is such a risk taker who can insert his privates into a resisting lady’s mouth…If someone tells me the guy’s privates are made of steel like a stilletto that can be forced through clenched teeth…then…AND ONLY THEN will I agree this lady was raped. This is a clear case of cheating…the lady expected to be paid diamonds after the office bonging…but the ‘rapist’ had spend the money at Cassino with the same lady. Since prostitution is an ‘unlawfull object at law’, the only way the lady could fix the guy for not paying up for services rendered as ‘illegally agreed’ was to report a case of rape. Even feeding a 3 year child is difficult if the kid clenches it’s teeth…how about an old lady with fully developed teeth…until the person cums in your mouth…this is hogwash my dishonest lady. I think that is why the magistrate gave a USD50 bail. This lady should be charged for blackmail! She was ‘raped’ willingly because her story does not wash at all.