Name successor and save country, Mugabe told

Source: Name successor and save country, Mugabe told – DailyNews Live 16 January 2017

Tendai Kamhungira

HARARE – With Zanu PF’s ugly succession wars now the major talking point
in Zimbabwe, as the ruling party’s two major factions go relentlessly at
each other hammer and tongs, angry war veterans say President Robert
Mugabe (pictured) must choose his successor now to save the country.

This comes as the Zim rot continues to worsen and as Zanu PF’s brawling
Generation 40 (G40) and Team Lacoste factions have recently escalated
their succession fights, particularly since images showing Vice President
Emmerson Mnangagwa holding a coffee mug inscribed “I am the Boss”, during
a festive season gathering at his Zvishavane rural home, emerged last

At the same time, Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste allies, who include a large
cross-section of former freedom fighters, are also ratcheting up their
loud calls for Mugabe to retire now and pave way for his long-time aide to
take over the reins at both party and government levels.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, as Zanu PF’s infighting reaches a
poisonous climax, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association
(ZNLWVA) secretary general, Victor Matemadanda, said Mugabe must come
clean on his succession plan, as time was no longer on his side
considering his advanced age.

Mugabe, the world’s oldest leader and the only ruler that Zimbabweans have
known since the country gained its independence from Britain in April
1980, will turn a ripe 93 years old next month.

“People cannot stop to talk about issues that affect their future. They
cannot remain docile because they want the president to tell them his exit
and succession plan.

“People cannot keep on speculating. They want to know what is going to
happen after he (Mugabe) leaves office. They want to know their future and
what happens tomorrow.

“We are worried about where the country is going. We are not only
concerned about Mugabe, but the totality of what is happening in
Zimbabwe,” Matemadanda told the Daily News.

The war veterans have been feuding with Mugabe ever since they broke their
41-year relationship with the nonagenarian mid last year over their
worsening plight and the country’s deepening political and economic rot.

Until that time, the fed up ex-combatants had served as Mugabe and Zanu
PF’s pillars, waging brutal campaigns against opposition leader Morgan
Tsvangirai and the MDC, especially in the bloody elections of 2000 and

The former freedom fighters’ stunning fallout with Mugabe and Zanu PF saw
their chairman Chris Mutsvangwa being fired from both the Cabinet and the
ruling party last year, while many of their other top leaders have also
since been banished from the imploding former liberation movement, in
addition to being hauled before the courts.

A meeting in April to try and mend relations between the war vets and
Mugabe failed to resolve the stalemate, with the former freedom fighters
setting difficult conditions for the nonagenarian, including that he
ditches alleged G40 kingpins such as Higher Education minister Jonathan
Moyo and the ruling party’s national political commissar Saviour

The war vets’ ultimatum to Mugabe to retire comes as there are also
growing calls both within Zanu PF and outside the ruling party to retire,
with Team Lacoste baying for Mnangagwa to take over.

Expelled former Mashonaland Central youth chairman and a key Mnangagwa
ally, Godfrey Tsenengamu, also warned at the weekend that if Mnangagwa did
not confront Mugabe and the succession issue now, he risked losing much of
the support of his battle-weary followers and other Zimbabweans who were
yearning for change.

“ED (Mnangagwa) is too loyal to Mugabe and we can’t eat his loyalty to his
leader. We are worried about our future as a younger generation and if
what matters to him is his loyalty to Mugabe then they are going to go
down together because we can’t vote for Mugabe in 2018.

“People need to understand that this is not about Mnangagwa but our future
as a party and a nation. It is not Mnangagwa who is demanding that the
succession issue be addressed now, but us as concerned citizens,”
Tsenengamu told the Daily News’ sister publication, the Daily News On
Sunday, yesterday.

Last week, highly-opinionated businessman-cum-politician, and another
avowed Mnangagwa loyalist, Energy Mutodi, also vented along similar lines,
imploring Zanu PF to hold an extraordinary congress to choose Mugabe’s

He claimed that Mugabe had become so unpopular in Zanu PF that “99
percent” of the party’s members now wanted him to resign before the
eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections, as there was allegedly no way
that the nonagenarian could win elections against popular opposition
leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

“Mugabe must retire. What we must be discussing now is how we share power
in Zanu PF post-Mugabe,” he said, adding that it would be very
embarrassing for Mugabe if he stood for election again and lost.

And like Tsenengamu, Mutodi and Mutsvangwa, former Zanu PF chairman for
Mashonaland West province, Temba Mliswa, has also recently suggested that
Mugabe should hand over power to Mnangagwa as the ruling party’s
succession wars burn ever hotter.

“Zanu PF’s solution to the current economic problems is for the president
to step down and Mnangagwa, who is the most senior, to take over.

“Don’t call me a Mnangagwa person, unless there is someone more senior in
Zanu PF than Mnangagwa, then you tell me.

“If Mnangagwa does take over, he is going to stop the bleeding in terms of
people suffering. We must be cognisant of the fact that the people are
suffering,” Mliswa said at the end of last year.

However, Mugabe has studiously refused to name a successor, arguing that
his party should rather follow what he sees as a more democratic process,
to manage his succession via a congress.


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    Victor Matemadanda, said “Mugabe must come clean on his succession plan, ……”

    Clearly, this shows that these fired O-vets are still fast asleep. Can anyone who is wide wake still think and believe Mugabe has any succession plan? Please, wake up & smell the coffee guyz! May be, Mugabe had such a plan at some point but not now. Such a plan, if he ever had one, has been overtaken by his age coupled with his greed. The only plan he certainly has now is to continue in office and continue looting and looting until his last breathe. What will then happen thereafter will not be his baby – and he does not care. I am sure by the time he has his last very breathe his wife & whole family would have relocated to Dubai or some other exotic destination – and whatever will happen thereafter wont be their baby too. Anyone still dreaming of Mugabe having any other plan(s) clearly need a mental doctor’s attention.

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    Mazano Rewayi 5 years ago

    Generally leaders leave power for two reasons (1) they are booted out or (2) they chicken out. Rarely if ever do they leave for honorable reasons (never mind what history writes afterwards). So let’s stop deluding ourselves, we the people must force the leaders’s hands otherwise it’s a “loota” continua.

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    Diasporan 5 years ago

    Mdara is going nowhere & not going to do anything so don’t get exited. The Mugabe family like other dictatorships, own the country, not the people, it’s theirs. Make sure, the plan is for his daughter to succeed, not Ngwenya, not Tyson, not anyone outside of the first family. He is just doing what dictators have done for years. They don’t care & never will care about the povo, they will just keep stealing, oppressing, maming, killing & filling up their foreign bank accounts until there is a revolution. Revolution is the only way to get rid of despot dictators.

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    I wonder if Dis-Grace is reading this piece, and will in turn advise that old geriatric f…t of a husband of hers that all is not well back home in his homeland, and to also advise him that the ‘the natives are angry’. (No offense meant)

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    Vivah Zimbabwe together against terrorist Mugabe regime