Nasty Zanu PF queries Mliswa origins

via Nasty Zanu PF queries Mliswa origins – NewZimbabwe 14 April 2015

TEMBA Mliswa’s origins were not an issue when he got a farm in Mashonaland West, became MP for Hurungwe West and even took over as chairman for the ruling Zanu PF party in the province.

But now some 12 chiefs from Hurungwe gathered at district administrator Tsana Chirau offices Tuesday to complain that Mliswa is not from “here”, adding they wanted him to leave the area.

Mliswa’s hold on his Spring Farm has also become tenuous after the chiefs said they had questions about how he was given the land.

It’s the price one pays for falling out of President Robert Mugabe’s graces and refusing to take your punishment in humbled quietude.

Mliswa, once based in the UK, was expelled from Zanu PF for being part of the alleged Joice Mujuru rebellion against Mugabe.

He was also expelled from Parliament but defiantly filed papers as an independent candidate to contest the by-election which has been called in his former Hurungwe West constituency.

And as the campaign for the vote gets nasty, questions are being asked of the former fitness trainer’s origins.

Chief Dandawa, who spoke on behalf of the 12 chiefs said to have approached the Hurungwe district administrator Tuesday said they wanted Mliswa to leave the area.

“As chiefs in Hurungwe District, we are deeply astonished at assertions peddled in some sections of the media that we are behind Temba Mliswa,” Chief Dandawa is reported as saying by the Herald.

He added: “We have queries on how he found his way into our land.

“We used to work with him when he was still in Zanu PF, but since he was expelled from the party we have nothing to do with him.”

However, Mliswa dismissed the protest, saying the chiefs had been rented by Zanu PF administration secretary and local government minister Ignatius Chombo.

Mliswa, his uncle Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo, are among the most defiant of the group of senior ruling party officials and government ministers sacked over the alleged coup plot by former vice president Mujuru.

Mutasa has claimed that the group is in the process of forming structuring a so-called Zanu People First which will be led by the former VP.

The former presidential affairs minister says Mugabe has allowed himself to be conned by his ambitious wife and a gang of Zanu PF mafikizolos who include ministers Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere.


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    Kkkkkkk – chicken are only coming home to roost. Poor Temba; poor Temba – should have known better.

    Anyway, I’m sure no one will shed a tear for this hoodlum – serve for his uncle Didymus. We all know the same zanu pf hoodlums (Temba & Didymus included) have over the yeras, in their stupor & utmost stupidity, successfully equated & moulded three very-very different things into one & the same thing – @ least in the horrendous zanu pf mentality. According to the horrendous creature, Temba, Didymus, etc, worked so tirelessly to create over 3 decades past: Mugabe = Zanu PF = Zimbabwe.

    Hence, if you are not a Mugabe’s person (or you are in the wrong basket – to use Mugabe’s own words) then you are neither Zanu PF nor Zimbabwean too – you are not even any other thing in commom with Mugabe eg Cde, O-vet, etc – no you can’t be. That is why even Joice Mujuru, of all people people, no longer any of these – angovavo a poor Runaida. Kkkkkkk.

    So, we know, its just a matter of time before we bombarded with the obvious news that Temba is not Zimbabwean. Even Rugare, Didymus, & Runaida, may soon suffer the same fate. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    nkosinathi mkwanazi 7 years ago

    this is similar to wat is happening in SA. Its Afrophobia.Godwill Zwelithini being a Chief as well ignited Afrophobia now Zimbabwean Chiefs are igniting Afrophobia shameless. In the name of wat?

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago