No big name takers for Tsvangirai offer

via No big name takers for Tsvangirai offer 01 September 2014

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s hopes of reuniting with party politicians who jumped ship early this year protesting his cling on power  were dashed Sunday when none of the rebels heeded his August 31 deadline to return to his faction.

Dozens of party politicians abandoned the MDC-T April this year to join forces with secretary general Tendai Biti, viewed as the main architect of the divisive MDC-T leadership renewal push.

At a press briefing last week, Tsvangirai claimed 60 MDC rebels had been whispering their willingness to re-join his faction after allegedly admitting they were misled by Biti and company.

The ex-premier said the decision to readmit the party dissidents was from MDC chairman Lovemore Moyo.

He then announced an August 31 deadline for all those who wished to retrace their steps back to the party.

“The same office also reported to the executive that over 60 members who recently defected from the party wished to rejoin the struggle and were committed to promoting unity,” he said.

“In light of our big tent mentality, and consistent with our traditional magnanimity as a democratic party, we have offered an olive branch to all members, without exception, who feel they wish to come back and renew their commitment by re-joining the party.

But as the clock struck 12am Sunday, it emerged none of the rebels had heeded the call to return, dealing a public relations setback to the embattled opposition leader.

MDC-T organising secretary and Tsvangirai ally, Nelson Chamisa, said his party continued to receive “many” returnees although he admitted none of the much senior politicians across the divide had returned.

“Some individuals have come back and continue to come back and l am sure you have seen that in Bulawayo, in Masvingo, in Harare; some have indicated willingness to come back and we are happy that they are now part of the big tent,” Chamisa told Monday.

The Biti camp claims it has 30 party MPs who have since defended their right to become part of a team that was formed on the ostensible attempt to force leadership renewal in MDC.

They accuse Tsvangirai of poor leadership that has failed to dislodge Zanu PF from power for nearly 15 years, claims Tsvangirai and his sympathisers vehemently deny.

Chamisa however said his party did not worry about so-called big names trekking back to the main MDC wing, adding that they were in fact two notable members of the party who could qualify for big fish.

“I think the big fish we can talk about are only two people who were members of the standing committee,” Chamisa said.

He added: “But they have made it quite clear that they were forming a party of their own. They feel they have matured politically and we wish them well.

“The MDC doors are always open for members who want to join. We are a mass based party and numbers are important. Given the choice to either subtract or add, we look for addition.”

Responding to Tsvangirai’s overtures a week ago, MDC Renewal Team’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, scoffed at his former boss for pretending to be a “high priest”, further denying there were any of their members who wished to work with Tsvangirai again.

“We are tired of his self-absorption; he was put there for a purpose, not to be a high priest where he would be issuing forgiveness here on earth. We will be forgiven when we go to heaven,” Mafume said.


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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Any sailor will tell you that the rats are always the first to jump a sinking boat. Anyway my bets lie with y.o.z.a ( youths of Zimbabwe arise ) and mob justice. Only self seeking grandstanders crave 2018 nikuv erections

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    maita 8 years ago

    Who are big names anyway? There are no big names, we have big mouths not names. people who expend their energies talking about bedroom news at rallies you call them big. We have people who crafted JUICE now saying ZIMARSE was accepted by the people and blame it on one individual. There are no big names in renewal neith do we have them anymore in zanupf.

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    Justice 8 years ago

    They’ll only become a big name when we see the fruits of a powerful and incorruptible democracy and economy and happy citizens with decent living standards.

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 8 years ago

    LET THEM ASK MDC NCUBE its snowy and icy cold out there!

  • comment-avatar
    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    Politicians in both MDC and ZANU have made themselves redundant. Never will I bother to cast a vote again. We cannot afford these people – they spend time and money that our nation does not have. The ticks on the back of our country….nothing more.

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    ZISHAMISO 8 years ago

    I ma supprised Mbiti and Company are saying Tsvangirai failed to remove ZANU PF were they not part and parcel of the same team, who accepted to go to elections in July 2013 without fulfilling the SADAC out standing issues as was advised by Lindiwe Zulu.

    I am shocked to such utternances by Mafume and Company anyway without wasting much time LOOK SOUTH and see what happened to Mr NCUBE he is non existing from cell to ward to national to Parliament he is nowere to be found hw can a party win 3 votes in a place like Highfield its shocking to say the least ok out of Harare in Bulawayo how can a party fail to win even a seat in Matebeland shocking shocking so what doese renewal team have to offer really people cna’t have sleepless nights

    Mbiti was th one in 2008 who was anouncing his own results in South Africa when it took 5 weeks to have election results announced was he not part and parcel of the Tsvangira its Tsvangirai must go

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    Das Reich 8 years ago

    the plain and simple truth of it all is that Biti and company are sell outs.if they really are or were for the cause they should have made noise from within the party and waited for their party’s congress to push their agenda.Biti will go down in history as a vindictive seel out just like his predecessor ncube.chupeti!