Obert Mpofu must shut up: Moyo

Source: Obert Mpofu must shut up: Moyo – DailyNews Live

Jonathan Moyo      25 April 2017

HARARE – While on government duty in India, my attention has been drawn to
reckless, irresponsible, disrespectful and unacceptable remarks about me
by Obert Mpofu made in the glare of the media at an extraordinary meeting
of Zanu PF’s Matabeleland North provincial coordinating committee in
Lupane on April 23, 2017.

I have read Mpofu’s remarks as published today (yesterday) by the
Chronicle on its various social media platforms and published by The
Herald also on its various social media platforms.

From the published remarks on the social media platforms of the Chronicle
and The Herald, it is clear that Mpofu abused the PCC, as he so often
does, in his mistaken belief that just because he has a big body he should
throw his weight around and usurp the PCC for his personal purposes and
his grossly selfish politics that the people of Matabeleland North have
come to loathe for its depravity.

Mpofu believes he is the Zanu PF PCC in Matabeleland North and that the
PCC in Matabeleland North is Mpofu. This rot of his has gone on for too
long and too far.

Even against this background, Mpofu’s allegation that I worked with Zanu
PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere to set up parallel structures to
topple President Robert Mugabe would be laughable but for its very serious
implications. And so the record must be stated as it is.

Thanks to the successionist antics of the likes of Mpofu, the time has
come to say without fear or favour that the allegation that Kasukuwere has
set up parallel Zanu PF structures to topple president Mugabe is high
sounding nonsense.

Yes, like everyone else, Kasukuwere can make mistakes, not least because
he is too loyal, too committed and works very hard for the party.

Putting aside the understandable issues raised by the party’s women’s
league regarding specific issues that have been addressed, nobody has said
exactly what mistakes, if any, Kasukuwere has made. But to accuse
Kasukuwere, of all people, of setting up parallel Zanu PF structures to
topple president Mugabe is wickedly preposterous and hogwash of the

I wish to say that I have worked with Kasukuwere, sometimes around the
clock, supporting and serving president Mugabe, Zanu PF, the government
and our country.

For example, I know only too well that the historic #MillionManMarch
organised by the Zanu PF youth league last year would not have succeeded
without Kasukuwere’s leading and active facilitation as the national
commissar of our party.

I’m proud of the work I have done with Kasukuwere in support of the
president, party, government and country and it would be a great honour
for me to be charged for doing that work by a well-known, shameless and
greedy Judas Iscariot.

Mpofu’s allegation that I have attacked command agriculture in the social
media and that I should be censured for that shows beyond any doubt that
he has become dangerously opportunistic in his quest to impress some
successionist interests in the hope of securing a position in their
treacherous ranks.

I have challenged the falsification of command agriculture in and by The
Herald, Chronicle, Sunday Mail and Sunday News.

The falsification has included cooked up figures and ridiculous claims
that government has adopted a policy of command economy on the back of
command agriculture.

So I stand by what I have said about the falsification of command
agriculture without any fear whatsoever.

I have explained my position to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who has
directly raised the matter with me and who has assured me that he
understood my explanation.

It must be understood that some of us are not programmed robots who will
consume, regurgitate and peddle nonsense published by The Herald,
Chronicle, Sunday Mail and Sunday News under the pretext that they are
government newspapers publishing government policy about government

Only aliens from outer space still don’t know that these newspapers have
become successionist broadsheets in the streets and on social media.

It’s a pity that Mpofu apparently believes that a policy is a government
programme only when it is claimed by successionists who distort or
misrepresent it for purposes of grabbing power.

Many in Matabeleland North, and indeed across the country, know why Mpofu
has remained stone silent when the likes of Headman Moyo and other rogue
war veterans have insulted president Mugabe.

It’s because birds of the same feather flock together, even in silence.
Mpofu’s claim to be the obedient son, used to cover up his greedy
exploits, has never fooled anyone.

Zanu PF has one centre of power across the country and that centre of
power is president Mugabe, my appointing authority to whom I report
directly, not via Mpofu or anyone else for that matter.

Mpofu is a colleague in the politburo, and not my boss. If he does not
respect this fact, he must prepare for the consequences.