Opposition condemns police brutality against demonstrators

via Opposition condemns police brutality against demonstrators – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 7, 2016

OPPOSITION parties yesterday roundly condemned the Zanu PF government for brazenly violating citizens’ right to participate in peaceful protests and using brute force to quell dissenting voices.


This comes in the wake of the police clampdown on rural teachers who took to the streets on Monday demanding better working conditions.

In a statement, the main opposition MDC-T equated the Zanu PF regime to a terrorist group which has no respect for provisions of the national Constitution.

“The MDC unreservedly condemns the high-handed and unlawful action by the police in violently crushing a peaceful demonstration. It is apparent that the Zanu PF regime is afraid of the people of Zimbabwe,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

“The regime is now paranoid as it is acutely aware of the fact that millions of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty and destitution as a direct result of the regime’s misrule, unmitigated corruption and misgovernance.

“Typical of all dictatorial and fascist regimes, the Zanu PF government is determined to use brute force and violence in order to unconstitutionally stop Zimbabweans from exercising their constitutional right to stage peaceful demonstrations. Zimbabwe has now degenerated into a virtual police state since all forms of demonstrations against the deteriorating socio-economic conditions presently obtaining in the country are crushed through the thuggish and Stalinist use of force and repression.”

The Tendai Biti-led People’s Democratic Party (PDP) accused the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of operating outside its charter, which compels it to protect human life and respect the supreme law of the country.

“It is unprecedented brutality. They have lost focus on their service charter, which is to serve the public. The public are allowed by the Constitution to demonstrate and protest and that right should be protected by the police. They cannot simply chose which rights in the Constitution they seek to protect,” PDP spokesperson Jacob Mafume said.

However, police national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba defended the ZRP, saying said they would not stand by and watch the country slide into lawlessness.

“As the police, we will not sit and watch these unsanctioned demonstrations happening because they are unacceptable and we are going to arrest those involved in such activities,” she said.


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    amina 5 years ago

    Zimbabweans talk too much and pointing at faults and issues. However the current generation has missed one important concept which ZANU PF is capitalising on every day. Current generation talk and talk, ZANU PF act. You demonstrate, they do not condemn it they came full force and force everyone back home. The current generation is full of selfish, and cowards. They want someone to go out and get a bullet. baton stick and tear gas or get arrested on their behalf. They will utter lot of praises on that one and yet they will not even come together and demand freedom of that martyr. ZANU PF know that and the few who will show that bravery like Dzamara, Ndiraya, Tsvangirai, Tongogara, Solomon Mujuru, Chris Ushehokunze (the younger) or Learnmore Jongwe, ZANU PF will kill, maim and confine under serious security monitoring. They kill a fly with a hammer. But imagine if they will do that to even half of Budiriro residence or Glen view or some smaller just 100000 people. That will remove ZANU PF from office before end of Month. In that number ZANU PF will not even shoot more than 500 people, but who will that be the 500. ZANU PF know that. They have so far killed more than 500, only that they are doing it slowly. They have killed 20000 Matebeleland citizens in 1984-1987, and killed more than 3000 opposition since 1999-2008.