‘Out of 2m jobs, Zanu PF has created 2’

via ‘Out of 2m jobs, Zanu PF has created 2’ – DailyNews Live Blessings Mashaya • 5 April 2016

HARARE – Kuwadzana East MDC MP Nelson Chamisa has savaged President Robert Mugabe for failing to deliver on his election promises.

Addressing a bumper rally in Kuwadzana on Sunday, Chamisa said the much-touted economic blueprint, the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), has failed to deliver and remains pie in the sky.

“Zanu PF promised two million jobs and failed to deliver on their promise, they only created two jobs for the two vice presidents,” Chamisa said to much applause.

He also warned that the government threat to seize foreign firms sounds a death knell to the stuttering economy.

This comes after Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao said foreign firms resisting the indigenisation programme will no longer be required to pay non-compliance empowerment levies as earlier stated and will instead be shut down if they failed to comply by April 1.

This has again raised questions of policy flip-flops in implementing the contentious law.

“There is conflict of two Patricks (Zhuwao and Chinamasa), the two Patricks have parted ways on how to resolve the current economic problems. Both of them do not have an idea on how to solve this situation.

“The indigenisation talk will be the final nail to the struggling economy.

“For Zhuwao, he is threatening to close companies that are already closed.”

Chamisa said Zanu PF is using too much energy in solving the festering factional fights.

“The tragedy is that we have dealers in government instead of leaders. Leaders must put the people first. However, the Zanu PF government is concentrating on their personal gains.

“Zanu PF is now history. In 2008, vaiti bhora musango, 2013 bhora mugedhi, but for now they don’t have the ball, gates and also the team, they have collapsed totally.

“Zanu PF has discarded the principles of the liberation struggle. However, the splitting of Zanu PF is helping the people of Zimbabwe.”

He called for a united front against Zanu PF.

“We need Welshman Ncube (MDC leader), Tendai Biti (People’s Democratic Party president) and others to join hands with . . . Tsvangirai so that we can cross the overflowing river of dictatorship,” he said.

“We must decrease our personal egos and increase our desire to help the suffering Zimbabweans.”