Renamo murders local chief of police in Nampula

Nampula (AIM) – Gunmen of the Mozambican rebel movement Renamo on Thursday morning murdered the head of the police station in Iulute administrative post, in the northern province of Nampula.

Source: Renamo murders local chief of police in Nampula – The Zimbabwean 09.09.2016

According to the spokesperson of the Nampula Provincial Police Command, Zacarias Nacute, the raiding party consisted of 10 people, and they struck at about 05.00.

Nacute told a press conference in the provincial capital, Nampula city, that the Iulute police chief, whose name he did not give, was murdered as he was walking from the police station to his house.

“When these gunmen opened fire, one of their shots hit and killed the police chief”, said Nacute. “Other policemen returned fire, and the Renamo group fled from the scene. It was not possible to neutralize any of them”. Nobody else was killed or injured in the raid, and no buildings were damaged.

On Wednesday, Renamo attacked the Muaquia administrative post, in Mocuba district, in the central province of Zambezia.

The head of the administrative post, Adelaide da Conceicao, cited by Radio Mozambique, said the gang broke into the local health post and into the house of a locality chief. They attempted to steal his motor-bike, but failed because the police showed up.

They also went to the house of the local health director, but were unable to open his store of medicines.  There were no reports of fatalities or injuries during this incursion.


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    ntaba 6 years ago

    But Zanu should support this behaviour because Zanu murdered lots of people to impose their perception of a democratic dispensation? Zanu only murdered 20 000 civilians after they got into power – in Matabeleland.

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    Zimbabwe Situation has been hijacked by CIO/ZanuPf apologists, that’s why it is not up to date and has far too many stories from Herald etc. That old fart Mugabe left yesterday at 5pm to fly to New York – the UN General Assembly. He will no doubt tell the Western World to go and hang. On the other hand, his workload is too big and he is a very sick man, so maybe (hopefully) he comes back in a box. I wonder how much money he took with him , and how many thousands of dollars did dis-Grace take for her shopping?