SA immigration officers on go-slow

SCORES of travellers between Zimbabwe and South Africa yesterday complained of delays of up to 18 hours at the Beitbridge Border Post amid reports that South African immigration officials were on a go-slow. BY OWN CORRESPONDENT

Source: SA immigration officers on go-slow – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 12, 2016

More than 20 buses cleared before midnight from the Zimbabwean side on Sunday were yet to be attended to at 4pm yesterday, more than 18 hours later.

“It does not make sense, they are the same people we cleared and it shouldn’t take that long,” a Zimbabwean immigration official said.

Many Zimbabweans returned to their homes frustrated.

“I am going back to Bulawayo, their service is bad. It seems they are not willing to have us visit their country,” Thandi Ncube of Bulawayo told the NewsDay.

“I went into the SA border post at 3am yesterday (Sunday) and I am still here after immigration changed shifts twice,” she said.

People coming into Zimbabwe said although there was no congestion, the service was slow and energy-sapping.
December is the peak period at the Beitbridge Border Post, where at times more than 18 000 people pass through daily

Many Zimbabweans are going to South Africa for shopping ahead of the festive season, while Zimbabweans resident in South Africa usually use the festive season break to travel back home for the Christmas holidays.