Senators blast corruption in Govt

Source: Senators blast corruption in Govt | The Herald July 27, 2016

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
Senators across the political divide have rapped corruption in Government ministries and departments, calling on those superintending over them to resign for failure to stop the rot. They said it was also important for the Legislature to enact laws that put the onus on the accused to prove their innocence, instead of the State to prove them guilty.The senators made these remarks last week while debating the motion on monitoring the Executive performance in dealing with reported cases of corruption steered MDC-T senator for Matabeleland South Mr Bheki Sibanda.

Manicaland Senator Shadreck Chipanga said the greatest challenge in fighting corruption was the fact that the laws provided that everyone was presumed innocent until proven guilty. “I am suggesting that as legislators, we need to come up with a different set of legislation, which deals particularly and specifically with corruption,” said Cde Chipanga.

“My view will be that that law should get away from where the State is supposed to prove its case but that the accused should prove — in other words, we will go to Mr Sibanda and say Sibanda, here is a form, fill in and tell us where you got the money, how you got the money and where you bought all this property from.

“It will be then for him to prove that he legally got the money and if he fails he shall be said to be guilty of corruption. That has to be a separate set of legislation. As things stand now, I am sorry to say so, squeal, complain, shout and say the Executive is not doing enough.

“My suggestion therefore is we need to look back and say while the laws as they stand are democratic and constitutional, there is need to deal with corruption and corruption cannot be dealt with, with the laws as they stand.”

Senator Chief Charumbira said while Government abhorred corruption, it was disheartening that the vice continued with ordinary Zimbabweans being the greatest losers. “We then come into this august House and fail to condemn such a thing, so, what are we here for?

“Even if it is politics, sometimes some of us are going to miss heaven because of these political issues. So you should be wary of things that you support.

“If we want to convict a person who has committed a crime it is simple but when it comes to workplaces and you are the minister, you are the Permanent Secretary and there is a scandal which is clear, we cannot point a figure that you were involved. However, because you are the leader you should resign from that job.

“There are certain issues we need to incorporate, whether you are from which party because it is bad for the people. If you want to be a good leader — we say we work for money but when we are here it is for a cause because people have entrusted us. Our people are suffering,” said Chief Charumbira.

MDC-T senator Siphiwe Ncube (Bulawayo) said corruption in Government departments was predominantly in the tendering process.

“There is a day when we had oral evidence in the Committee of Peace and Security. Those that we had called to come and give oral evidence, one of them mentioned that when tenders are called they come with different amounts and they are supposed to choose where there is less money. We realise that most of the tenders especially to Government; they do not take a cheap tender,” she said.

Zanu-PF senator for Manicaland, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa added: “We applaud the recent move of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to the Office of the President and Cabinet because this lifts it above ministerial turf wars, accusations of undue manipulation, selective investigation and settling of scores

“ZACC should announce an open door policy to all whistle blowers from all walks of life, all political groups, all factions if there are any or any party. Let us all move and help ZACC to stamp out corruption in our society.

“Countries with very strict anti-corruption regimes like Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany actually notch high in national development. So, we cannot develop if we do not stamp out corruption.”


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Good to see the talk continues unabated – whilst nothing else happens.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 6 years ago

      Ain’t that just the truth. But, it’s like corruption has become the “flavor of the day”, when someone suddenly woke up and turned it into a political futball.

      Guys! corruption has been front and center for decades… where have you been..??? If some senators want to begin to do something about corruption, then stop taking a salary while you do nothing.