Soldiers besiege AMH chairman’s home

THREE suspected soldiers stormed Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) chairman, Trevor Ncube’s Harare home yesterday and allegedly harassed his domestic staff and relatives, as State intimidation against suspected dissenting voices continues. BY STAFF REPORTER

Source: Soldiers besiege AMH chairman’s home – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 11, 2016

One of Ncube’s relatives told NewsDay that the suspects, arrived at the house clad in army regalia and driving a black Mercedes Benz registration number BCB7664 and demanded to know the owner of the property and tour the chicken project run at the house.

“They were not friendly at all, asking a lot of questions, demanding to know the owner of the property and insisted they wanted to tour our chicken project. But, we refused for security reasons,” a staffer, who declined to be named, said.

The visit comes hardly three days after two men in plain clothes also visited Ncube’s residence and allegedly told security guards to provide personal details of the owners of the property.

“We are now afraid because we don’t know their intentions or their next move,” the staffer said.

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    Barry 6 years ago

    Army are not peace officers and have no authority under the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.

    Still, I would agree that this government is so shaky that the possession of live chickens by members of the public is serious cause for concern, as chickens used as Weapons of Mass Destruction could bring about the overthrow of the current regime.