Stop committing crime in Mugabe’s name

President Robert Mugabe’s silence is baffling at a time the country is burning and he is facing the toughest test of his political career.

Source: Stop committing crime in Mugabe’s name – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 16, 2016

Zimbabwe is on the precipice with popcorn demonstrations all over, as Mugabe’s henchmen are trying to scuttle further demos by the vast majority against his continued leadership of the country.

It appears several things are bound to happen — either Mugabe relinquishes power, allows to be swept away by the tide of change or he can turn violent against his opponents to suppress dissent. Any of the tactics has potential to heavily dent Zimbabwe as a brand. No right-thinking individual out there would want to associate with us.

So the citizenry must brace for a heavy tide of socio-economic and political challenges going forward.

Does Mugabe stand to lose anything if either of them happens? No, it doesn’t seem so, for he has already had a bite of the cherry — Zanu PF has ruled the country for the last 36 years.

Everything that could go wrong for Mugabe and Zanu PF has. Evidently, the Zanu PF leadership has been abandoned by its erstwhile friends and the economy continues to gravitate towards the abyss. The citizenry is clear, Zanu PF lacks the gravitas to reconstruct the economy, hence, the call for leadership change.

Zimbabweans’ anger is compounded by policy inconsistencies in government, where Mugabe continues to betray his ministers, particularly Treasury, just for political expedience.

Either Mugabe does not seem to read the messages on the wall or he has something up his sleeve. But it does appear the President appreciates his stranglehold on power is loosening due to his failed socio-economic and political policies. Whatever posture he is presenting to the public is just a façade.

Therefore, this is the time pro-democracy campaigners must coalesce and mount a strong force against Mugabe’s brutality. Zimbabweans must strongly speak against the abduction and torture of Mugabe’s opponents.

Yet, the abduction and torture of Silvanos Mudzvova of #Tajamuka/Sesijikile pressure group by suspected State security agents this week has rarely been commented on by the opposition. It could be Mudzvova today, but the issue could be a precursor of worse things to come until the 2018 elections.

This could be the reason why Mugabe is boastful and continues to trample on Zimbabweans’ rights without let. If Zimbabweans do not condemn such nefarious activities by the State, more Mugabe dissenters could be harmed, maimed or killed ahead of the next elections.

Indeed, State-sanctioned abductions or torture of opponents are sad developments given re-engagement efforts by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa. If Mugabe can stab his own minister in the back, Zimbabwe must gear up for more violence by the President and his acolytes.
Such acts must be condemned and perpetrators exposed. Zimbabwe purports to be a democracy, yet violent activities show everything is being done with the President’s blessings and in his name.

Zimbabweans must be warned against being used to maim, injure or kill others in the name of Mugabe or Zanu PF, for they will face the full wrath of the law in the future.

It is clear at 92, the laws of biology will not allow Mugabe to live forever and although it may take time, the law will eventually take its course.