The Zimbabwean leads in online news, doubles readership

via The Zimbabwean leads in online news, doubles readership | The Zimbabwean 28 August 2014

The Zimbabwean, one of the country’s weekly publications, doubled its readership from last year and leads other weeklies in online readership, according to the latest Zimbabwe All Media and Products Survey (Zamps) released today.

The Zamps survey indicates that The Zimbabwean is read by 18 percent of the population through its online version.

The publication runs an online news and information site to complement its weekly print edition that circulates in Zimbabwe’s urban and rural areas, in addition to countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and the UK.

According to Zamps, The Zimbabwean beat the Zimbabwe Independent, which had a 13 percent share of the online reading population, and the Standard, which claimed 12 percent of the website readership.

The Financial Gazette and the Daily News on Sunday trailed with 10 percent and seven percent of the total online readership, respectively.

“Eighteen per cent of the population read The Zimbabwean online. The second most popular paper is Zimbabwe Independent, with 13 per cent of its readership online. Twelve per cent of The Standard’s readers do so online, 10 per cent for Financial Gazette and 7 per cent for the Daily News on Sunday,” reads the Zamps report.

It added: “The Zimbabwean and the Daily News on Sunday doubled their readership. The only weekly to decline was The Manica Post. Financial Gazette stood out as the paper people read for business news.”

This is the first Zamps report for 2014 which was produced after interviewing 4,000 people in urban and rural areas randomly.

The figure represents a 100 percent rise in the number of people interviewed in previous years.


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    PAMELA 8 years ago

    Wilf Mbanga should know that ZAMPS is a Zanu-PF construct.

    He should also know that using this website as a vehicle to promote “The Zimbabwean” is not going unnoticed.

    Since he took over Zimbabwe Situation, the quality of content on this site has deteriorated dramatically.