Top aid post for Gumbonzvanda

via Top aid post for Gumbonzvanda – The Zimbabwean 15 July 2015 by Mkhululi Chimoio

Prominent Zimbabwean human rights lawyer and women and children’s activist Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda was recently appointed chairperson of Action Aid International (AAI). The global charity is one of the largest in Britain and works in 45 countries.

“I appreciate the trust that the Action Aid International family has shown in me by this election to be the chair of the Federation and the Board, especially at this moment in time. Leadership comes with responsibility,” said Gumbonzvanda in a recent interview.

“This role calls for bold, transformative and responsible leadership. AAI’s mission and deep commitment to the poor resonates with my values, especially as the organisation works to facilitate voice and opportunities for rights holders’ activism in fighting poverty and inequalities. Development is about human rights, opportunities, and accountability. I welcome the decision made of the AAI recent assembly to step up its work on climate change, gender equality and women’s rights, as well as inter-generational approaches are critical to achieving this mission,” she said.

Two years ago, Gumbonzvanda was short-listed as candidate for Executive Director of UN Women. In 2012, she was recognised at one of the world’s most prestigious awards in honour of her generous service to their communities when she received the International Minerva Award. Gumbonzvanda received the award under the category “Women in the World”, in recognition of her more than 20 years of work and commitment for political, civil and human rights of women.

Analyst Masimba Dube said Gumbonzvanda deserved the honour. “She has represented our country very well at international level. This election to that position is a best award for her works and she really deserves it,” he said.