Violence inherent part of Zanu PF DNA

Source: Violence inherent part of Zanu PF DNA – DailyNews Live 8 January 2017

HARARE – It is alarming that Zanu PF is again threatening to unleash
abductions and violence if  it loses the Bikita West by-election.

The threats by Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa at
Gwindingwi Primary School on Wednesday were not only primitive and
unwarranted, but also served to show that violence is indeed a part of
Zanu PF’s DNA.

It appears the ghost of the tightly-contested 2001 by-election in Bikita
West is returning to haunt the Masvingo Province constituency.

The seat fell vacant following rapist Munyaradzi Kereke’s incarceration
for 14 years.

Only last year, President Robert Mugabe made ominous remarks following
independent candidate Temba Mliswa’s victory in the Norton by-election,
saying that must not be allowed to happen again. Somehow we begin to think
the president was also implicitly threatening violence.

Perhaps the Zanu PF women’s league bigwig’s threats are a reiteration of
her boss’ implied threats, but the “old bat” Mahofa should know better
that her rural, thuggish and uncouth statements are not helpful at all to
calm down this traumatised nation.

In the run-up to the Norton by-election, the party’s mobs also disrupted a
campaign rally organised by Mliswa, beating up supporters who had turned
up for the meeting.

In Guruve, Mashonaland Central Province, axe-wielding Zanu PF youths
attacked and injured Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) members, including
ex-envoy and retired brigadier-general Agrippa Mutambara.

Violence broke out when the ruling party gang invaded a subdivision of
Dunaventy Farm that is owned by a ZPF provincial leader, Obert Mutasa.

Perhaps Zimbabweans have a tendency of forgetting the past too quickly. In
2008, especially in the run-up to the June 27 presidential run-off, MDC
leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out of the polls after over 200 of his
supporters had been killed in politically-motivated violence.

Hundreds of others were either maimed or left homeless in
well-choreographed campaigns by suspected State agents. Resorting to
violence shows Zanu PF is afraid of losing and wants to instil fear in
opponents, a trait which smacks heavily of intolerance.

Bludgeoning people for having opposing views is not only morally wrong,
but something that should have disappeared with the Stone Age.

The Zanu PF leadership must take the blame for all this and must
discourage their supporters from using violence, show they are walking the
talk on zero-tolerance to violence. The police must be allowed to arrest
all perpetrators of political violence irrespective of their political

The people of Bikita West have had enough. After suffering unprecedented
violence in 2001, they surely need a break. They must be allowed to vote
for a candidate of their choice in a free and peaceful atmosphere.