War vets demand arrest of 3 ministers

Source: War vets demand arrest of 3 ministers – DailyNews Live

Mugove Tafirenyika      8 June 2017

HARARE – The Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has
called for the arrest of three Cabinet ministers for allegedly undermining
President Robert Mugabe’s authority.

ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya told a news conference yesterday that
Higher Education, Local Government as well as Youth ministers Jonathan
Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao respectively should be
incarcerated for suggesting that Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi is the
ideal candidate to succeed Mugabe.

Mahiya argued that the trio had committed the same crime he committed
together with ZNLWVA secretary general Victor Matemadanda when they
declared in a communique that Mugabe must hand the reins to his deputy
Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Now that Jonathan Moyo, Zhuwao and Kasukuwere have declared their
preferred candidate loudly and clearly and that candidate is not the
president as called for by the party constitution, what happened to us
must happen to them including incarceration and state prosecution and
dockets must be opened for undermining the authority of the state
president unlike the alleged communique which referred to the president,”
Mahiya said.

“Zhuwao and Kasukuwere should also be found guilty by the politburo for
being accomplices to Jonathan Moyo as happened to our chairman Christopher
Mutsvangwa when he associated with the generality of war veterans
wallowing in poverty.”

While Mahiya and Matemadanda were charged last year for their damning
communique, Mutsvangwa lost his position in the Zanu PF politburo as well
as his cabinet post after he was expelled for backing Mnangagwa’s
presidential bid.

Mahiya said they would interpret failure by Mugabe to take action on Moyo
and his colleague as favouring the G40 in the battle to succeed him.

“At Sapes, G40 Jonathan Moyo and his cohorts openly and loudly proclaimed
their preference as successor to the president of the Republic of

“The rank and file of the party and the whole nation is watching the
ruling revolutionary Zanu PF on what course of action it shall take
against these expressed successionists, otherwise there are two scales of
justice, it would appear, and that the G40 can continue to get away with
murder in Main Street,” Mahiya, who was accompanied by Matemadanda, said.

The ex-combatants said they will soon launch an official complaint to the
Zanu PF leadership.

“It was not easy to build a revolutionary tradition of Zanla and Zipra
armies and the surrounding attribute was fair treatment of all comrades
who had voluntarily joined the national liberation movement, so at this
juncture, it is timely to remind the president and the revolutionary icon
of the principles of justice and fair treatment of all comrades regardless
of tribe, gender, religion, colour, creed and otherwise,” he said.