Wicknell Chivayo’s Money Disappears | EXCLUSIVE AUDIO

Source: Wicknell Chivayo’s Money Disappears | EXCLUSIVE AUDIO | ZimEye 16th April 2016

By Simbarashe Chikanza|<strong>I am really poor and am waiting for a bank loan application, Wicknell Chivayo has revealed.</strong>

Years after flaunting that he earns over $200,000 per month, controversial ZANU PF young “tycoon,” and humiliated ZIFA sponsor, Wicknell Chivayo has revealed he has no money at all and is actually currently waiting for a bank loan.

Chivayo told ZimEye.com in an exclusive interview last night that after dashing the hopes of the Zim national team, flying them in a jet made of straw, he really is penniless and cannot at all lift the $200million power tender awarded him last year in October.

After pleading with Zimbabweans saying he needs more time to prepare, he revealed he is waiting for a bank loan application also showing that at present he has not even applied for that money. He went on to suggest that the taxpayer through the government’s Zimbabwe Power Company, must pay him for the same project he last year claimed he can carry out to electrify all of Gwanda and Mat South.


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    Jean McKellen 6 years ago

    I don’t know wicknell’s finances, but the reporter here is very dull. The tender wasn’t signed in 2010, but late last year how can one person with substance between his ears expect magetsi within 5 months on such a big tender? Questions are too shallow. How can a reporter honestly come on board and help to build a solar power plant if he can’t afford to buy a dollar newspaper for himself to read? No wonder Wiknell opened a lid on them. Lacoste brand is not VaMnangagwa. Neither is it wrong for anyone to wish to lead zimbabwe. What’s wrong with you zimbabweans? Sad sad. Chikanza wake up.

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    temba mahachi 6 years ago

    Gutter journalism! Do your homework first and understand the subject you are dealing with. Consult experts in the industry for opinions to help you draft your questions . This interview is pathetic

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    Poppie Gaza 6 years ago

    This ex con only needs public attention.who knows if its true…i mean 50cent once did that intentionally.juss wanting to grasp limelight..the dude juss csnt go broke…ko havana maInvestments here…or the being broke he is talking about is yemunhu ari worth more than 1mil..