Zanu PF: A bunch of morons, self serving leaders

ZANU PF never ceases to amaze. At a time the general populace is facing a bleak festive season and grappling with a myriad of social and political crises and the poisoned economic environment – President Robert Mugabe is concerned with indoctrinating the civil service.

Source: Zanu PF: A bunch of morons, self serving leaders – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 21, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

What a bunch of morons, self-serving national leaders! Is it not ironic that the Zanu PF leadership cannot appreciate the challenges Zimbabweans are facing by viewing them as child’s play, yet millions of people are poverty-stricken with others facing death due to excessive lack?

As a result of the bad governance and massive corruption within the Zanu PF leadership and its rank and file, hundreds of companies are struggling to pay bonuses, let alone salaries.

Sometimes one can only wonder which planet Mugabe’s party leadership lives on. If Mugabe can believe that the economy is on the rebound, then his party leadership are bound to believe anything – even more that what civil servants really need right now is a “patriotism spirit” induced through indoctrination. What a farce!

Yet, Zanu PF must know that civil servants are not party functionaries. They should serve all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation.

Quite clearly, this is an indisputable demonstration of misplaced priorities, given the economic pressures that have been brought to bear on the majority of citizens, thanks to Zanu PF’s poor economic management, and handling of graft within its rank and file.

That a whole governing party could make such moronic resolutions when the majority are facing pressing and immediate challenges, including cash shortages, is tragic.

It shows Mugabe’s party is clueless about how to solve the innumerable problems we have. It is regrettable that Zanu PF’s obsession is just to keep nonagenarian Mugabe trapped in past glory at a time every other country around is moving forward economically and passing on leadership to young, vibrant, modern and forward-looking presidents.

Of course, bootlicking is the name of the game in obsolete African politics, but to suggest that Mugabe’s birthday, February 21, become a national public holiday named National Youth Day, the height of absurdity!

We are all aware how farm invasions contributed to the current economic mess and the fact that Zanu PF still resolved to grab all the remaining white-owned commercial farms and distribute the land to party youths no doubt shows they are unrepentant.

It’s sad that Zanu PF is ready to strip the entire country naked of all its natural resources before being booted out of power.

Even if they go ahead to declare Mugabe as life president, Zimbabweans can only take consolation in the fact that “change” is the only constant and, therefore, there shall come a brighter day when all these things will be just a chapter in history texts.

And that day is beckoning, as the majority over whom Zanu PF has ridden over roughshod, await that day with bated breath!