Zanu PF boots out 3 bigwigs…Dr Obert Mpofu on Cabinet reshuffle ‘celebrations’

via Zanu PF boots out 3 bigwigs…Dr Obert Mpofu on Cabinet reshuffle ‘celebrations’ – Sunday News Feb 14, 2016

Tinomuda Chakanyuka and Lungile Tshuma Sunday News Reporters—
ZANU-PF has suspended three provincial chairpersons on charges of disobeying party orders and inciting insolence within the party. Midlands chairperson Cde Kizito Chivamba, his Masvingo counterpart Cde Ezra Chadzamira and Mashonaland East chairperson Cde Joel Biggie Matiza have been shown the exit. Cde Chivamba has sincebeen replaced by provincial secretary for administration Cde Tapuwa Matangaidze, while Cde Benard Makokove, who was Cde Matiza’s deputy takes over the Mashonaland East chair.

The suspensions come in the wake of reports that some provincial chairpersons last week barred members of the Women’s League in their respective provinces from travelling to Harare to meet President Mugabe ahead of the ruling party’s Politburo meeting. The women’s league said it was congratulating the President for his recent appointment as rapporteur of the African Union Bureau for 2016, after leading the organisation as Chairman in the past year. The league added it wanted to express solidarity with the First Family after attempts to bomb their dairy business in Mazowe recently.

Announcing the suspensions in Lupane yesterday, Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the party will soon institute investigations into how the three provinces were being run. Cde Kasukuwere was speaking at the party’s Matabeleland North Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting where he also warned party members against straying from the party’s precepts. He said the party will not hesitate to rein in on errant party members, advising members that do not want to toe the party line to leave peacefully or risk being chucked out.

“We have suspended Chivamba because he was no longer coming for meetings. Secondly, he blocked members of the Women’s League from coming to Harare to welcome the President. He also went to the Press making statements that undermine the leadership. The same with Matiza in Mashonaland East; he was harassing women there and we have said to him enough is enough. He came for the meeting but made sure that there was pressure on women not to attend the meeting. In Masvingo Ezra Chadzamira had the same problems again and we have told him to step aside. We can’t have insolence in the party, such arrogance and disrespect of leadership,” said Cde Kasukuwere.

He said there was a recurrence of attempted insurgence against President Mugabe within the party by some party members but warned that the party will not stand and watch rogue elements fanning instability. He said the party was aware that some members who shower praises on President Mugabe during daylight, turn and plot against him at night.

“We know there are people who wear clothes with President Mugabe’s picture and sing praises of him in the afternoon but turn against him at night. They caucus at night telling each other that the President must leave office. You think we don’t see you.

“You make our President your legitimate target and think that we will just stand there and watch? That won’t happen,” he said.

Cde Kasukuwere reiterated that President Mugabe was the party’s sole centre of power, warning that anyone plotting against him risked destroying their own political career. If you want to destroy yourself in Zanu-PF go against a man called RGM (President Mugabe). If you want to be finished, plot against him. We know there are some people who go to a house in Kwekwe where they are told all sorts of things and think that we don’t know. You must know that whatever you say in the cover of darkness we will always know about it. If you are called for a private meeting, refuse. Hold formal meetings such as this one where there are minutes which can be referred to in future,” he said. On the no-confidence votes passed on some party members by various party organs, Cde Kasukuwere said the decisions stood and the party will not revoke decisions made by its organs.

“Some are now saying let’s sit down and review the vote-of-no-confidence, let’s go for a hearing. We have some who are lawyers who say no, let’s have a meeting and have natural justice. Natural justice has already taken place. Vote of no confidence means that the appropriate organ has made a decision and the party cannot revoke that,” he said.

Speaking at the same meeting, Zanu-PF National Secretary for Finance and Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister Dr Obert Mpofu said the Matabeleland region was not part of any factional fights as no one had any ambition to be President. He expressed disgust at some people, whose names he did not mention, whom he said were appointed to help the President execute his duties but were now angling to dethrone him. Dr Mpofu added that he supported what was said by First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe in Chiweshe, Mashonaland Central on Friday, where she lashed out at party factionalists, and the suspension of War Veterans leaders headed by Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

“In Matabeleland North Province we are very united and we will remain united. Factionalism has no place in the province and as the leadership, we might have a misunderstanding but we are all united and rally behind the President. People from this region have no ambition to be President. No one has the qualities to be President in this region and we are shocked that some people are saying so and so should replace the President because he is from this tribe. We are not involved in all that because none of us has ambition to rule,” he said.

Dr Mpofu added that he was surprised to learn that there were celebrations in the Midlands province over his transfer from the Transport Ministry, before the Cabinet reshuffle was even announced.

“Two days before the last Cabinet reshuffle I received a call from a Bulawayo youth saying that people in Midlands province are celebrating that I am no longer in the Ministry of Transport as they have taken it. I was surprised because I had not received the letter. Some of us are very loyal to the President and we are always ready to do what the President assigns us to do,” said Dr Mpofu.

In 2014, when former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her cabal were booted out of the party, nine party provincial chairpersons were suspended. Cde Richard Moyo from Matabeleland North province was the only chairperson who was not suspended.

Also present at the meeting were Politburo members Professor Jonathan Moyo, Cde Cain Mathema and Cde Patrick Zhuwawo. Cde Clifford Sibanda, the Minister of State in Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office was also present together with other central committee and provincial members, including Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Cde Richard Moyo.


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    Chibhabhase waJiti 6 years ago

    Is it criminal to aspire to be the next President of ZanuPF?
    Is Obert Mpofu being honest to say the whole of Matabeleland North Province has no person capable of being the next President of Zimbabwe?

    It is criminal to lie. Every lawyer aspires to be the chief justice. Every soldier aspires to be a General one day. Every school teacher aspires to be a Principal in a School.

    So why has it become criminal in Zimbabwe for anyone to aspire to be the President? Why should it be a crime?

    What is criminal is to allow a person who is 27 years older than retirement age of 65 to continue to bear the pressure of being a Head of State and President.

    What is criminal is to say the words attributed to Dr Obert Mpofu with respect to the intellect of Mat North citizens. That statement is a lie. Lying is criminal.

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    Tinomunamataishe 6 years ago

    ” Matabeleland region was not part of any factional fights as no one had any ambition to be President” – that’s rubbish Mpofu.

    There is nothing wrong in anyone having an ambition to be president one day especially when the incumbent is blundering so much.

    You cannot say in the whole region nobody has ambition – you better talk for yourself sir.