Zanu PF threatens youths with dispossession of stands

ZANU PF yesterday unveiled 5 000 residential stands for youths in Norton ahead of Saturday’s by-election, where party secretary for youths, Kudzai Chipanga threatened to immediately repossess them if they ditch the ruling party.

Source: Zanu PF threatens youths with dispossession of stands – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 19, 2016


Chipanga was addressing thousands of party supporters, mainly youths, as campaigning for the Norton by-election, pitting Zanu PF candidate Ronald Chindedza and firebrand independent candidate, Temba Mliswa reached a climax.

“Let me tell you that we are giving you the stands, but if you ditch the party, you will return to where you came from,” he threatened.

Chipanga, however, said Zanu PF was not dishing out stands because of the by-election.

“Some people think that we are giving stands when we have a by election. It has always been President (Robert) Mugabe’s plan that everyone gets a residential stand. With or without a by-election, we were still going to give you the stands,” he claimed.

Chipanga said the land was not enough and called supporters to request more from Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is set to address a rally in Norton today.

Youth minister, Patrick Zhuwao implored Norton residents to vote for Zanu PF.

Violence once more rocked Norton, as both Zanu PF and Mliswa held rallies ahead of the by-election.

While Zanu PF was addressing a rally, its supporters were engaged in running battles with Mliswa’s supporters at Dudley Hall.

Zanu PF claimed its supporters were attacked by Mliswa supporters with stones while they were on their way to attend the rally.

“Mliswa’s supporters came and attacked us with stones, as we were coming here (venue of the rally),” a Zanu PF supporter, Munyaradzi Zindoga, told Chipanga at the rally.

Mliswa, however, said his supporters were just sat waiting for transport to their rally venue, 15km outside Norton, when Zanu PF supporters pounced on them.

“They were seated outside Dudley Hall when they were attacked by the Zanu PF supporters, who came in six vehicles,” he said.


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    Nhamodzenyika 6 years ago

    These so called zvanu puffs youth are fast asleep being used like condoms like this by the likes of kasukueere, hogwash, how do you build house no work no money to build. Tell kasukuweere to build houses and give you completed houses you fools.