Zanu PF youths pull down independent candidate posters

via Zanu PF youths pull down independent candidate posters – Southern Eye 9 June 2015 by Benson Dube

ZANU PF youths in Bulawayo have reportedly been instructed to remove campaign posters for independent candidates ahead of by-elections tomorrow.

Southern Eye news crew this morning caught up with scores of the youths pulling down posters in Iminyela (Mpopoma constituency) belonging to Tsibo George Mkwena leaving those of Zanu PF candidate Joseph Tshuma stuck to walls.

They claimed to have been instructed by their superiors to remove rivals’ posters.

One Zanu PF youth said: “We have been instructed by headquarters to pull down all posters that do not belong to the ruling party.”

Zapu candidate for Mpopoma constituency, Strike Mnkandla, said according to the Electoral Act, there should be no campaign poster with the radius of 100 meters of a polling station.

“Posters are supposed to be displayed a hundred yards from the polling station and political parties with posters within the specified distance will be penalised.

It is the duty of all political parties to remove posters within the specified range.

It is a crime for one party to remove posters that belong to another and if you come across people doing that, take photos and report accordingly,” Mnkandla said.