ZBC board in allowances storm

ZIMBABWE Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) board members are allegedly getting advances on their allowances while the State broadcaster is struggling to pay its workers, NewsDay can reveal.

Source: ZBC board in allowances storm – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 28, 2016


According to documents gleaned by NewsDay, the majority of board members have been receiving varying amounts as advances before sitting for meetings.

A summarised schedule of the 2016 first quarter board fees shows that board members were receiving sitting allowances, retainer fees, fuel and DStv subscriptions as allowances.

According to the document signed by the company’s acting salaries administrator, acting chief accountant, acting head in charge of finance, human resources and administration together with the acting chief executive officer, ZBC paid a total of $26 404 in advances to board members for the first quarter.

According to the documents, ZBC chairperson, Gibson Munyoro received $1 092, while Joyce Jenje-Makwenda received $3 000. Cleopatra Matanhire-Mutisi received $1 000 and Ndabezinhle Dlodlo got $5 000.

One board member, identified only as D Khumal, received an advance of $16 312.

However, ZBC acting chief executive officer, Patrick Mavhura insisted board members were not receiving advances.
“What is happening is that the company is struggling financially and the payments were done gradually. I think they are now misinterpreted as advances,” he said.

Munyoro also dismissed the allegations, saying they even have a resolution that says they will only get their allowances after all the expenses, including salaries for workers, have been paid.

“We have a resolution that we shouldn’t get anything until the corporation pays all its expenses, including salaries. When we are due for payment at the end of the quarter, only a few will be paid at a time, but the payment is recorded as advances,” he said.

ZBC has been rocked by several administrative challenges that have drained its coffers and affected operations.

Sources, who spoke to NewsDay yesterday, said such a move might compromise the integrity of the board.

“It’s not allowed for a board member to claim an advance in board sitting allowances because that’s illegal according to the corporate governance laws. Board members are supposed to be given allowances after their meetings,” a source, who refused to be named, said.


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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    Utter lies Mavhura!!! trying to cover-up.
    If all parent ministries could investigate their parastatals under them, they will find this very corrupt activity of paying Board members whilst failing employees their salaries… this prevalent.