Zhuwao accuses fellow ministers of derailing empowerment drive

via Zhuwao accuses fellow ministers of derailing empowerment drive – NewsDay Zimbabwe January 14, 2016

Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao has accused line ministries and State agencies of derailing the implementation of the black empowerment drive by giving permits and licences of reserved sectors to foreigners.


Opening a workshop for government officials on the implementation of the indigenisation law organised by the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board, Zhuwao said a number of line ministries were not protecting local investors who wanted to venture into reserved sectors from being elbowed out by foreigners.

“A number of companies have been licensed to operate in reserved sectors against the law and government policy that they must not. We expect that the licensing authority within that reserved sector to ensure that the company seeking a permit is complaint with the law and statutes of this land,” Zhuwao said.

“There is provision in the Act for lesser shares for our indigenous people, but that has to be submitted to the line minister for approval in concurrence with Cabinet, but this has to be a special case.”

According to the indigenisation law, certain sectors of the economy have been reserved for locals and no foreign partner is allowed to invest unless Cabinet – chaired by President Robert Mugabe – approves.

The reserved sectors include retail, transport, salons and barber shops and travel agencies among other businesses that require less investment.

Zhuwao said soon the fuel sector, which has for long been in the hands of foreigners along with artisanal mining of all minerals other than diamonds, would be declared a reserved sector in a bid to empower and protect local investors.

The workshop drew participants from other ministries. Zhuwao said all foreign firms operating in the reserved sectors should brace for a fight which could include paying fines and levies.

The indigenisation law compels all foreign-owned firms to cede majority shareholding of at least 51% to indigenous people as a way of empowering the previously marginalised community.


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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    It should be clear by now to everyone that this man’s persistently provocative stance on indigenisation is not mere buffoonery, but is part of a planned strategy – otherwise he would have long been silenced.
    The purpose of his confrontational approach is unlikely to be fathomed by those possessed of normal cognitive functions, but it will no doubt emerge eventually. It intention could possibly be to foster anarchy, because it certainly has all the ingredients.

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    I am a “White” second generation Zimbabwean born business owner. I started my business in 1996 from scratch, 16 years after Independence. I therefore did not enjoy any of the racially inclined benefits existing prior to 1980.
    I have made a success of my business over the past 20 years and employ hundreds of employees (98% indigenous)
    Now the Zimbabwe government deem it just to classify me as a “Foreigner” on the basis of my skin color, and because of this I must now cede 51% of my business equity to a fellow “Black” Zimbabwean/s.

    I have no entitlement to any other country of residence.
    This law is shameful.

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      Rawboy 5 years ago

      No doubt about the racist undertones of this bonehead legislation.

      Seems though it wasn’t completely thought through because now they are in a ‘bit of a pickle with the likes of the billionaire Nigerian, Dangote!
      I mean is he really going to give up 51% of his hard earned to invest in the country? I think not.He didn’t become a billionaire through giving away 1/2 his money lol!

      And the Chinese are non too impressed neither.Hence all this noise of chairs being re-arranged in the background!

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      Joe Cool 5 years ago

      Be cool, relax. You won’t have to cede anything to anyone – just hang in – it won’t be long. The use of the words ‘foreigner’ and ‘indigenous’ come from the same vocabulary that allows Mr Mugabe to declare himself as a ‘war veteran’, even though he doesn’t know what a gun looks like. It’s just a matter of time, so utilise local culture and duck and dive for a little while. Hope this helps.

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    Mhakayakora 5 years ago

    John join us in our fight against this rotten hegemony. It is beyond human understanding that a 21st century government still grapples and struggles with concepts and any issues around citizenship.

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    Thank God that he is not my father, uncle etc. Because I do not want to be pulled down when the ‘family’ ship sinks.