Zim to open world class medicines quality control lab

via Zim to open world class medicines quality control lab | The Zimbabwean 19 September 2014

A new medicines quality control centre is set to be established in Harare following approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The development is hoped to help Zimbabweans “gain access to better medicines”, according to a WHO-Zimbabwe statement issued today.

“The approval, which follows a thorough assessment by WHO, means that the laboratory operates in compliance with international standards and can carry out quality tests on medicines purchased by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria as well as by other large purchasers of medicines for developing countries, such as UNICEF,” said WHO.

“It also sends a strong message to local and importing manufacturers that their medicines will be tested according to international standards, thereby potentially improving the quality of their products and patient treatments,” added the organisation.

Kees De Joncheere, the director of essential medicines at WHO, said building capacity for health professionals and public structures was vital to prepare countries to cater for populations health needs.

The lab that falls under the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) is the sixth institution to get WHO pre-qualification in sub-Saharan Africa.

The prequalification process included training to raise performance to international standards. David Okello, the WHO Representative in Zimbabwe, hailed the development.

“In essence, it means that when the Global Fund buys millions of dollars’ worth of medicines for Southern African countries, it can rely on the Zimbabwean laboratory to assist in ensuring the medicines are safe and effective.

“Without this kind of service, lives would be placed at risk and precious donor funds could be wasted,” he said. The Global Fund helps combat HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria.

WHO noted, however, that even though its approval of medicines boosted drugs’ quality reputation, it did not guarantee that specific batches of products adhered to required manufacturing procedure.

“If quality problems arise with batches of prequalified products once they reach the country of destination, the local prequalified laboratories are alerted and check the product; if non-compliance is found, they can facilitate corrective measures and thus avert possible risks to patients,” stated WHO.


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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Thanks to WHO

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    I am thrilled that even though some Zimbabweans have lost hope in themselves and their country because of lack of foresight International organisations, such as WHO, still see the country as a potential or as a driving force in all aspects of development, especially, on the African continent. That is why , precisely, they still inject billions of dollars into the country. What the country needs is to be given a chance to prove herself in any sphere of development. Look at how their cricket team dethroned/ humbled the mighty Australian team!

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    I don’t see nothing world class about zimbobwe.

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    Supermondo , you don’ t see anything world class about the country ,because you have never had any eyes in your life! Let us, who have eyes, see for you/ on behalf of . The future of Zimbabwe, petty jealousies and politics aside, looks so bright that it even hurt one’s eyes!

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    To ‘the Future’ I must say, that you sir are nothing but a pure stupid, ZANU PF idiot!! “…or as a driving force in all aspects of development, especially, on the African Continent.” Really blazo? Chirergera zvako zvembanje blaz! People like you and your ZANU have been nothing but the driving force behind social and economic destruction for the last 34 years. In anyone’s book, you and your ilk have had plenty of time to achieve something positive.

    Your comment about the cricket shows just how stupid, arrogant and ignorant you really are, gloating about what was for most of us a very notable and proud achievement for Zimbabwean Cricket, but if you might just by chance pick up a dictionary, you may find that there is a big difference between ‘dethroning’ and ‘humbling’ the ‘Mighty Australians’! Write your stupid comments in the Herald, duzvi remunhu!

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    Phillip chirombo 8 years ago

    Future,don’t argue with those fools people might not notice the difference.

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    In these deeply emmotional times it may not be such a good approach to always position the positive by assuming that others are wrong. Futures assumption that the coming in.of this new laboratory is a sign thst those who have lost hope in the country’s future are incorrect in unecessarily predumtupus and quite vlearly provocative. Zimbabweans view the future with many different eyes. I wouldn’t celebrate this development just as I have not celebrated the discovery of diamonds in this country. On balance though I feel our tolerance levels should be such that we do not use such derogatory language as used by Mapurisa.

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    Percy Malunga 8 years ago

    The medicines to be purchased should be kept under lock and key. US Army to provide security, without that ZANU PF thieves will steal everything and introduce makeshift clinics in farms. Wait and see.

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    Percy Malunga 8 years ago

    I hope Medical testing equipment will also include EYE TESTING for us to save the much needed currency being spent by Robert Mugabe visiting Malaysia. Why should we allow someone about to die to gobble billions of our dollars?. He should die and the billions be used to develop the country. Some of the guys of his age died long back but is still there and witnessing the digitalisation Era. Satan should eat him now!!!!

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    This is another ZANU control measure which will constrain the rights of Zimbabweans to buy the medicines of their choice

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    too many false promises. Just too many. I adopt a watch and see approach to any such seemingly good news. My country is notorious for never finishing any project. If this Government was a husband he would have been divorced for never making the wife climax

    ZISCO deal with the Indians still in limbo
    Airport road still unfinished
    ahh too much mhani…