ZIMRA descends on vendors

via ZIMRA descends on vendors | The Zimbabwean 3 September 2014 by Sofia Mapuranga

The police have embarked on a campaign in Chitungwiza advising vendors to register with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and pay a dollar a day in tax to boost empty government coffers.

The campaign was described by vendors as a deliberate ploy by the ZIMRA to worsen the plight of the poor. “We are hardly making any profit from our small business ventures and for me to afford to pay $1 in taxes daily is going to be a challenge,” said an airtime vendor from Unit D in Seke.

“The best way is for us to be operating from home because unlike in town where business is brisk, we hardly get $5 profit of which my family of six is dependent on that income,” said Garikai Mutongwizo from Huruyadzo in St Mary’s.

Kurirai Fungura said taxing vendors from the ‘ghetto’ was a herculean task as that they would find all means of evading paying the money.

“It is not like we do not want to pay, buy why is government failing to come up with other fundraising mechanisms instead of hunting us where we are struggling to make a living?” queried Fungura.

A statement issued by the Harare City Council last week revealed that the local authority in partnership with the ZIMRA would start collecting taxes from vendors.

Charges for flea market vendors were pegged at $2 daily and fruit, vegetable, airtime, newspapers and dried food vendors are expected to part with $1. “Designating and approving convenient vending sites is expected to not only increase revenue collection by the city council, but also bring sanity and orderliness in the city,” says the statement.

Other vendors said it was important for Chitungwiza Town Council to scrap its vending charges considering that ZIMRA would also be collecting taxes.

The closure of numerous companies over the past few years due to the harsh economic environment has seen hundreds of thousands of people resort to vending for survival.


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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    This is what you guys voted for. Why are you moaning?

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    Where is the bloody diamond money???

  • comment-avatar
    Che'guevara 8 years ago

    I think this government has gone too far

  • comment-avatar
    cargo35 8 years ago

    pharoah watinetsa uyu.hamunzwi tsitsi here vanhu varikutambura kudai and you want to squeeze every cent from them.bloody SATANISTS

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    Firstly. Nobody in zanupf let alone criminal shefus pays any tax whatsoever……secondly. taxes are for one to expect service delivery which of course is nonexistent in mugabeland. Y.o.z.a. ( youths of Zimbabwe arise ) will not fund zanupf ghost workers CIO zrp zpf foot soldiers extravagant international travel junkets useless parliament/senate etc with punitive taxes to keep the sinking zanupf afloat when potholes no water nil electricity no medicines no hospitals/clinics lazy bureaucracy ( nurses/teachers excepted ) no schools an o-level varsity bankrupt zisco zesa nrz rampant crime etc etc. You can be 100% sure that no a single cent from diamond looted billions has been paid in tax to better the Provo….zanupf knows that without diaspora remittances ( also about to be taxed ) they would have faced mob justice Lon ago

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    Mutirowafanzawekwamuziti 8 years ago

    he he he desparation ikasvika pakadai zvatooma bcz very soon vachange vaakucollector taxes from mahure nembavha.Ko kungobvuma zvinei kuti zvaramba.

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    kagamba 8 years ago

    This is what we call madness it will go in world book of records surely I could you suck the last cent these poor people are trying feed their families this is what we call murder give vanhu jobs u promised

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    Good going zanu pf,,, teach dem idiots a good lesson,, thanks for all you are doing afterall they give you the mandate to do as you please,, sort the fools out

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    Doris 8 years ago

    95pc unemployment=no tax revenue. To put just food on the table requires reverting to trying to squeeze a living out of the informal sector. $1 a day = $30 a month which could buy 30 loaves of bread. When are we all going to stand together to put an end to ZanuPF and their corruption?

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    Mugabe takuzomutandanitsa manje. Mugabe haasi Mwari wezimbabwe.

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    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    Taxing vendors? Seriously?

    I think the people must resist this. Collecting money to prop an illegitimate regime which is accountable to nobody and yet wants to milk the ordinary people who normally would have proper jobs had it not been for the regime’s flawed policies.

    Also how did they come up with the $1 daily surcharge? All this when the big guys never pay a single cent in tax from their multi million dollar projects because they are untouchable.

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    Kusvikazvanaka 8 years ago

    Zvangazvakadii vaende kuna Mpofu vanopihwa kana $25 Million zvayo sezvo akati anemari zhinji nemuromo wake. Uyuwo Kasukuwere anayo inosvika $85 Million, kozoti Mnangagwa. Grace ava kusvika $500Million. Robert ava padhuze ne $1.5BILLION,. Hongu $1.5Billion USD!!! Nanga nanga nevanotambira USD6,00 a day…KKKKKKKK Kupenga chaiko.

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    I agree with John Thomas , the people put this lot in power so stop moaning it’s what you wanted.

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    Bad luck people!, but you do get what you vote for.

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    Audit Chiyangwa and Orbet you will get something substantial.

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    Kakwinya 8 years ago

    Destroy jobs with your destructive policies then create a gravy train to buy patronage. Steal from those you have pushed into poverty.

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    They will be raiding granny’s pillow stash next. Pathetic.

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    ngororombe 8 years ago

    Lets all stand up & pray so that Our LORD in Heaven will give us ideas, power & will to rise against the evil now!!

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    Samaita Dube 8 years ago

    The end is near. This is exactly what caused the uprisings in Tunisia, which spread to other countries to become known as the Arab spring. A university graduand who had to resort to selling fruits, committed suicide at the mayor’s office after he refused to meet him, the family, village, tow and whole country joined in the strike until the arrogant politicians were dethroned. We just need a few brave ones, just that. But knowing us Zimbos we will be abused and not even wipher.

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Looking at it from another angle most of these people probably come from struggling backgrounds and desperate to make a living to put food on the table they are possibly intimidated by these scumbags at the top promising them the moon and the stars only to use them only for this to happen. These thieving scumbags at the top have looted from the coffers and do not want to return the loot so they are finding ways and means to cover their tracks

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    C .MOYO 8 years ago