Zimra to introduce electronic registers

Source: Zimra to introduce electronic registers – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 27, 2016

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is in the process of interfacing fiscal electronic registers to the authority’s servers as it moves to plug leakages.


Fiscal registers are electronic devices used to calculate financial transactions. Fiscal registers were introduced in 2011 to ensure that the tax collector was not prejudiced by retailers in tax remittance.

In a statement yesterday, Zimra said the interface would enable real time transmission of registered operators’ sales transaction data to Zimra to fulfill the requirements of the Value Added Tax Fiscalised Recording of Taxable Transactions regulations 2010.

“Clients who are registered to use fiscal devices are, therefore, advised to immediately contact their fiscal device suppliers to initiate the process of linking fiscal devices to Zimra,” the tax collector said.

In an interview with NewsDay, Zimra chairperson Willia Bonyongwe said Zimra was working on a tax management system to interface old and new fiscal registers so the system runs effectively.

“We want to automate and bring everybody to be in line with our system,” Bonyongwe said.

Revenue going into Treasury coffers continues to decline, a reflection of the harsh economic environment that has spawned massive retrenchments and company closures.


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    PLEASE NOTE…….This is at the FULL expense to the retailer ……To make life easier for ZIMRA…..ONLY IN ZIMBABWE

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      hahaha yes ofcouse so that they fill thier pockets buy new cars , sleep with whores , drink alcohol , n come bak fr mor next month wen they broke fr a refill

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    Kabunga 6 years ago

    Don’t they know they have already been responsible for closing down most of the companies with their greedy demands? Why do they continue to think they can tax a country into prosperity? They seriously need to understand that they need to work within the means of this failed economy and only until reforms are made can they then implement their systems.