Zvorwadza chastises army generals

The security forces have been called upon to support and uphold their constitutional duty, which compels them to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of everyone and desist from partisan politics.

Source: Zvorwadza chastises army generals – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 11, 2016


National Vendors’ Union Zimbabwe (Navuz) leader, Stern Zvorwadza yesterday said members of the security forces should desist from threatening peaceful protesters and social media users for the sake of pleasing Zanu PF.

Top military officials, among them Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Constantino Chiwenga, and Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda, recently gave chilling warnings to those participating in series of anti-government protests.

Zvorwadza told journalists that citizens were fully protected by the Constitution and no one, not even President Robert Mugabe, was above the supreme law.

“We truly want to warn the ZNA, in particular the commanders, who are going about intimidating citizens that they will come and interfere with citizens’ rights,” he said.

“We want to warn them that their homes are barracks and not streets or areas where citizens are doing their constitutionally allowed activities, so at this point, we are clear in our message that the army must desist from interfering with citizens’ rights.

“Because of that, we are also appealing to ZNA junior officers not to be fooled by these autocratic oppressors.”
The Navuz leader, who has organised and participated in numerous anti-government protests over the past few months, said he would not be cowed into silence.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) said it was concerned at threats made by top military personnel to deal with protesters.

“Zimbabwe has witnessed a series of rights violations being perpetrated by the security forces, who have meddled in the country’s politics against the dictates of the Constitution and we fear the recent threats by the army could fuel rights violations in the country,” CiZC said.

Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) president, Jacob Ngarivhume said Zimbabweans needed the support of the security forces to ensure that Mugabe retired peacefully.

“We ask that you consider our request. Lay down your arms for now and join us in the streets, as Zimbabweans. Your courage and bravery will be rewarded in a new Zimbabwe, where we will all have opportunities to prosper, where our children and your children are guaranteed a better and brighter future,” he said.

“The truth is that the nation is in shambles. We have lived under a corrupt and murderous regime for far too long and we are tired of it. There is no justice for the people.

“Mugabe and his family are the only ones enjoying privilege and live above the hardships that affect us. You are also citizens, our family, our brothers and sisters, our classmates and neighbours. Stop consolidating Mugabe’s evil rule. Let the old man rest, as all old people should.

“We are not asking you to break the law, but to be the law. The real criminals in the country are not the hungry people, but the people that have caused so many of us to go hungry.”


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    Fungisisayi 6 years ago

    Masoja ne mapurisa fungayivo mhani munofunga kuti vana venyu vose vachazovevo masoja ne mapurisawo here in the not so far distant future. Musanyengedzwe nema shufu enyu aya akadya zvekuba nekuponda na Mugabe. Zvino Mugabe zuva radoka. Vana ve Zimbabwe svinurayi bvisayi umbimbindoga uhwu nekukurumidza nyika ifambire mberi. Huyayi tishandire pamwe kubvisa mhondi idzi pakati pedu. Mhondi huru i ZANU pf think of it!!!!!! where is DZAMARA akadyiwa nani, nhayi, Mugabe hanzi usaona kuipa kwangu. Sori ya sori!!!!