Ex-MP wants diamond accountability

via Ex-MP wants diamond accountability | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe

Former MDC-T legislator for Mutare West, Shuwa Mudiwa, has pledged to ensure that Marange villagers benefit from the proceeds of diamond sales.

Mudiwa was recently acquitted on charges of holding an unsanctioned meeting with villagers in Chiadzwa where he told them to demand their right to benefit from mineral resources in their area.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Mudiwa said together with other pressure groups in the area, he would lobby for policies that promote transparency and accountability with regards to mineral resources in Manicaland.

In March, the Chiadzwa Community Development Trust reported that families relocated to Arda Transau by diamond mining company, Anjin Diamond Mining, were critically short of food after the company reneged on its pledge to support them.

CCDT said most of the displaced families were yet to get land for agriculture after their displacement. Anjin relocated more than 800 families to Arda Transau to pave the way for its diamond mining operations.

“We have been pushing to ensure that the people of Marange benefit from their mineral resources and as a former legislator, I feel bound to push for policies that promote transparency and accountability,” said Mudiwa.

Apart from the erratic food handouts, the people have yet to see the benefit of their displacement; neither do they get priority for mining jobs. The companies in Marange include Mbada Diamonds, Anjin and Marange Resources.

The discovery of diamonds in Marange has disrupted community life. Visitors to the area are restricted and police and mine guards have been accused of using heavy-handed tactics while enforcing security around the mines. Complaints of torture and victimisation abound, said Mudiwa


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    furedi 11 years ago

    This guy is talking nonsense. He did nothing as an MP so he will not do anything now that he is not in parliament.

    • comment-avatar
      John Huruva 11 years ago

      What were you doing all the time you were in Parliament?
      You are 5 years late aren’t you?

      • comment-avatar
        adam jones 11 years ago

        What late? We all know that zanu are using proceeds from the Marange diamonds to fatten their wallets. The MDC, and in particular Tendai Biti as finance minister, has been calling for accountability on the Marange diamonds money and zanu – including mugabe – has steadfastly refused to be accountable. That zanu yakaoma musoro does not mean kuti people should stop applying preasure. Quite to the contrary.

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    masvukupete 11 years ago

    Are you saying as a citizen he is not allowed to pressure the incumbent government to look at the issues raised. You do not have to be an MP to be able to fight for people’s justice. Any citizen is allowed to do something about the plight of fellow citizens. Whether in parliament or not, diaspora, educated or not, for personal gain or not. I think as Zimbabweans that is where we miss the point. Even during election period one need not be in any organisation to educate fellow men on how to vote or who to vote for. Anyone should be able to campaign and advocate for any cause they deem fit. Why should citezen consiousness be only the preserve of some type of organisation, political party, or government official. It should be a continuous process in the bars, at soccer games, funerals, weddings, workplace everywhere.

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      NANSI LENDODA 11 years ago

      Where was he all the time he was MP for the area and what has changed now. He is only trying to be relevant nxaa

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    easily fooled 11 years ago

    We are saying this good rhetotic, this ex-MP does not mean what he is saying. He managed to get coverage, exactly what he wanted. He disappointed me much…..MDC had a stronger chance and opportunity to push for this, they did not, how disappointing? Now he is a common man in the street, he is demanding this……and yet we all not ZPF doesnt listen to street people……so he deserves to shut up…..let the remarks come from someone else

  • comment-avatar
    Zvichapera 11 years ago

    You said it well brother
    Masvukupete, until we start appreciating that we all have different views on many things and that each one of us is not the same and be tolerent we won’t succeed. We need to harness our diversity and create good governance to create wealth and prosperity for all. We still do not understand how debate can be used for positive change instead we label disagreement as your enemy and yet that is what should make us strong. We do not accept that we could be wrong. When I read some comments in these posts its so sad that we still do not get it, I am not surprised our politics are such shambles.

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    imvi dzechembere 11 years ago

    Masvukupete wanyatsotsetsenura. Ko nhava yava yei paitsva sango vaivepi? Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana. Aiwa! Zvikoni zvikoni mimba haiibve negosorwa. Iyi iyeuchidzo chete.

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    Nziradzemasoja 11 years ago

    “Ex-MP wants diamond accountability” – akawana nguwa Tsvangirai ngaakwane…when are we gonna kick him out of the state hosue anyway…