‘Arrest corrupt government officials’ – Tendai Wenyika-Gava

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | ‘Arrest corrupt government officials’ 03 April 2014

Zanu PF activist and wife to Mhondoro Ngezi legislator Mike Gava, Tendai Wenyika-Gava has called for the arrest of top government officials engaging in corrupt activities to line their pockets.

Wenyika-Gava, a former Midlands State University students representative council president said it was sad that corrupt officials enjoyed luxurious lives when ordinary Zimbabweans were suffering.

“I have personally grown sick and tired of all this corruption happening around us, whilst the majority of us remain unemployed and languish in what seems like perpetual poverty.

“It’s time we stop playing the blame game and also take responsibility for our mistakes as a people. Things are getting worse, little difficult, we are barely managing and yet others are getting fat every day, dipping their hands into the national till without shame,” Wenyika-Gava said.

She raised concern about the failure by authorities to decisively deal with the issue of corruption.

“Let’s move beyond the cheap rhetoric of naming and shaming without action. Prisons were built for thieves. I for one have lost patience. I owe it to my children and their children to protect what rightfully belongs to us.

“Enough is enough. Thieves must be sent to jail, there are no scared cows, no one should be above the law.”

Last year, Wenyika-Gava married Zanu-PF youth leader Mike Gava at a colourful wedding in Harare that was attended by the then ANC youth leader and now South African Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.



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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    ZANU says, Who ? What ? Never heard of her.

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    Noone is going to be arrested because they r all corrupt, the best thing to ask them is to resign and also who is going to do that.

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    Zanu Pf inherited a very powerful economy in 1980 n now dey ve completely destroyed di former jewel of Africa. Blacks ar not yet redy to rule themselves Quote from Ian D. Smith

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    She sounds like Tsvangirai, better watch out or she will end up being accused of treason – Theft/corruption is allowed but speaking freely against the untouchables is a jailable offence.

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    bruce koffe 9 years ago

    Former credible SRC president from history have always been part of the opposition. During the war, we had Chen Chimutingwende, Witness Mangwende and the rest belonged to ZANLA and were SRC leaders. Those days ZANLA now ZANU PF was in the opposition. After independence we had Arthur Mtambara, Obey Mudzingwa, Learnmore Jongwe, Chamisa, and some of them they opposed and were never on ZANU PF meal ticket. Now you even got married to the ZANU PF guy, knowingly how corrupt the party leaders are what sort of SRC leader were you. I can imagine what was happening at MSU during your days. Now you want to say they should arrest corrupt leaders, the very MP cap your husband is wearing was stolen on 31 July 2013 when ZANU PF rigged the elections through the expertise of Nikivu. If you want to be clean, tell your hubby to resign from MP post and then people will listen to you serious. Now you just playing to seek unnecessary publicity.

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    Mapingu 9 years ago

    Haa,haaa. I smell a rat – and cant help thinking loudly: ‘Is everything ok with madam Tendai’s marriage?’

    This is a serious question. For all we know, one never makes it to into zanu pf leadership with filthy dirty hands – most preferably blooded hands. Surely Mr G, madam T’s hub, can not be an exception. This is the very basis of my questioning of the goings-on inside the couple’s marriage.

    If zanu pf criminals, would be sent to jail like every one else, which is not the case now. Surely madam T would endure alonely (or single mother) life for a long time while Mr G is doing time in jail along side his zanu pf colleagues.

    If madam T doesn’t mind that. Then don’t you smell a rat too? Or, is she so dumb that she genuinely believes the hub is a rare breed in zanu pf (i.e. an innocent sheep with the privilege to hunt hyenas)? Haaa, haaa; what level of naivety would that be. Not so likely, for such an educated woman.

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    maita 9 years ago

    There are also people with conscience there who have been excluded from the gravy train. Is Bright Matonga still around? he has been to quiet akazonyatsoguta kani?

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    Msizeni silwelani 9 years ago

    Madam, did you ever complete the programme you were doing? Surely you lack analytical skills. You suggested that zanu pf be jailed basically. Do you think anyone from zanu pf can “throw the first stone at a thief” if challenged to do so?

    Malema leads the Economic Freedom Fighters party not as stated in the article.

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    Gondobwe 9 years ago

    Ah! Tendai, can a corrupt official arrest another corrupt official? Since when in Zimbabwe?

  • comment-avatar
    chimutengwende 8 years ago

    ah mother tindo wenyu muface ndiye anotanga kubaya manje