Artist puts Kim Jong-un, Mugabe and Lukashenko on crisp packets

via Netherlands: Artist puts Kim Jong-un, Mugabe and Lukashenko on crisp packets …as found by BBC Monitoring

Portraits of Kim Jong-un, Robert Mugabe and Alexander Lukashenko are appearing on packets of potato crisps.

Dictatorchips version for #Zimbabwe

The North Korean, Zimbabwean and Belarusian leaders are among those from around the world featured as part of the Dictator Chips art project run by Dutch designer Virginie Moerenhout. It also features the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. She says she wants to raise the issue of nations which champion democracy having business links with regimes they often criticise.

Moerenhout asks: “If dictatorships are evil, then why do we do such good business with them?” News of the project has reached Belarus, whose leader Lukashenko is often described as “Europe’s last dictator”, where readers of the independent Charter 97 website welcomed the idea. Some suggested other consumer products featuring authoritarian leaders, such as voodoo dolls, doormats, ashtrays and toilet paper.



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    jenandebvu 9 years ago

    We cherish seeing President RGM on chips, only worried that the clenched fist does not appear.

    A successful project was putting his Excellency on a toilet paper, a condom or doormate