Can you Hear the Drums – Cathy Buckle

via Cathy Buckle News from Zimbabwe Book Preview

Late in February 2000 after spending the day locked indoors and part of it hiding under the desk in my study, I sent one email to seven friends and family members describing what was happening. Little did I know they passed my letter on to their family and friends and so the news gathered momentum.

In the weeks that followed, I continued relating the story, describing a situation that was incomprehensible to all who followed it. Before long dozens and then hundreds of people were asking to receive the letter. Within months the letters were being printed in newspapers, read on radio stations and published on websites in many countries.

That is how Letters from Zimbabwe began. It is not just another story about farmers and land invasions, it is the story of all of us, black, white and brown, and what happened in Zimbabwe.

Can you Hear the Drums covers the years from 2000 to 2004. It is the first of two books that tell the story of Zimbabwe through the eyes of a Mum, an ordinary woman living in a small country town. Some of the letters are sad and frightening, others are absurd, touching and funny but all describe how we survived and how we never gave up hope for our beloved homeland.

The first decade of the new millennium in Zimbabwe are years that must never be repeated. Can you Hear the Drums, has been compiled so that we never forget and so that future generations, in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, can learn from our history and not have to endure the heartbreaking times we lived through.