Clarity on SA Permit issues for Zimbabweans

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Clarity on SA Permit issues by Butholezwe Nyathi 26 March 2014

It has come to our attention that the Zimbabwean media has reported that the Migrant Workers Association South Africa wants to take the South African government to court to contest their decision(s) regarding how they want to deal with the issue of renewing the Special Dispensation Permits (DZP).

This report(s) is NOT CORRECT. We were not contacted to state our CURRENT position. Our current position is to work within a collective framework where migrants (foreigners) from different countries; being assisted by the South African Forum for International Solidarity (SAFIS), the African Diaspora Forum (ADF), Solidarity Peace Trust (SPT), have come together to ENGAGE and DIALOGUE with the South African government regarding various issues affecting the foreigners in South Africa. We have been very active, within this forum, in pushing for the public pronouncement by the SA government regarding the renewal of the permits and we are being given information that we share with our members and use that information to advice and guide our members.

What is important for us and for the affected now is to understand and interface with the direction that SA government is taking on this issue. There are new changes that are coming and we are waiting for the Minister of Home Affairs to elaborate on the implementation of those changes as stated by the Acting Spokesperson of the SA Cabinet.

Our view is that taking the legal route should be the last option if dialogue fails.

In 2011-12, we were advised by legal practitioners to mobilise members, about 70000 members, and take a legal route to get information about what was going to happen when the permits expires. We couldn’t raise the numbers.

We felt that people still had good time on their passports and were too reluctant to join us. We abandoned that route. It will be difficult for us to go back now as there are financial implications for us to take up the case. I hope this clarifies our efforts.

POST BY: B. Nyathi (MWASA National Coordinator)


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    Proudly South African 8 years ago

    Dear Mr Nyathi, we have opened our hearts to Zimbos but it has become too much for us to keep our cool. To hell with your dialogue because and your imminent court action because we do not owe you anything. It is high time that we stop the influx of the blood sucking zimbos who have nothing to contribute to our economy but to loot and not pay tax and swindle every cent they get out of the country. I’m sick and tired of people like you who abuse our kindness whom we’ve given our hand but now want the whole arm(I know you know what I mean). It is high time that the ANC government does something about this influx of blood suckers from all over the continent. I’m warning you. We are fed up of all this, we’ve taken in more than we can accommodate but for people like you its still not enough. We don’t owe anyone any explanation when we take steps to clean our country. Go back home and seek all you elaborations that you need and just KEEP YOUR ZIMBABWE AND WE WILL KEEP OUR SOUTH AFRICA.

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    Tinevimbo 8 years ago

    Why not stay home it is after all your home. You voted for it now wear it even the emporer is naked

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    Insider 8 years ago

    Proudly SA, I can quite understand your concern in respect of the legal and illegal immigrants pouring into South Africa from Zimbabwe. However, you must look closer to your home and ask yourself if MBEKI/ANC/ZUMA etc had not assisted in ensuring Mugabe and ZANU retain power illigitimately, Zimbabwe would have a thriving economy, assistance pouring in from the rich western countries and there would be no need for the Zimbbweans to leave their country of birth, in a desperate attempt to feed their families. SADC/ZUMA and the AU rubber stamped yet another stolen election in July last year, now the chickens are coming home to roost and the country is totally bankrupt, thousands more Zimbabweans are now once again pouring into SA. I know that there are many South Africans who feel the same way as you do and it will not be long before the Xenephobia attacks start. This will give your country terrible condemnation from the rest of the world. All because your leaders and Government saw fit to support a geriatric old fool and his thieving, murderous boot lickers. Point the finger at those in your country who have surely assisted in this disaster.

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      just saying 8 years ago

      Well said ‘Insider’ There is a price to be paid for the cowardice of RSA leaders,nevertheless many South Africans, in many instances, far prefer to employ hard working Zimbabweans rather than lazy South Africans. Besides many other Zimbabweans hold keys positions in various organisations in RSA so don’t be too quick to condemn a whole nation.

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        The Truth. 8 years ago

        They employ “hard thieving zimbabweans” , not “hard working zimbabweans”

        How do you explain a hard working people with a country in a mess, which they are actually running from? Stop embarassing everyone here!!

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Proudly SA: remember what goes around also comes around. The same fate affecting us as Zimbos today will also haunt you in a few years to come. Watch the space!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proudly Zimbabwean, mukanya 4 that matter. Kuipa kuipa zvaro Gud haridyi chakafa choga!

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    Well said “just saying” I agree with 100%. Many company’s in SA are grateful to have some hardworking zimbabweans working for them. Many of the locals spend too much time striking for higher wages and putting company’s out of business. So I agree not all Zimbo’s are stressing the economy. In fact if they were empowered and trained and not treated as vermin it would probably improve the quality of the SA work force!!

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    The Truth. 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans, especially those of gukuraundi extraction have themselves to blame for the way they get treated by South Africans.

    Why cant you people learn humilty and humble yourselves in a foreign country like the Mozambicans,Swati, baSotho, Batswana and Namibians.

    Too much arrogance is you down fall.

    On one hand you are begging on the other you praise yourselves as HARD WORKING ZIMBABWEANS, implying South Africans are not hard working or are lazy.

    You love going around parading you so-called education – what exactly is wrong with you people.

    Just cool down, learn humility, be humble and just produce results. No bragging, no self-praises, work hard, be godly and nice – people will love and praise you for that and welcome you within their borders with open arms.

    Right now you call yourselves hard working and that is why you get the jobs, but you dont realise that you are being used by the Boers and white South Africans in general in perpetuating their racist and apartheid attitudes towards your own brothers, the black South Africans.

    This is why whites in South Africans praise Zimbabweans when it suits them but will not hesitate to tell you to go back to your gukurahundi Mugabe when it again suits them. Especially when you start talking about land!!

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    Proudly South African 8 years ago

    Please do not blame Zuma for anything that is happening in Zimbabwe. You voted Mugabe in and now want Zuma to undo that. Zanu-pf consists of a handful of people and don’t tell me that all those people who are cheering and chanting on the rallies are forced to do that. Sort out your own problems and leave Zuma out of that.
    @just saying
    There’s nothing hardworking about Zimbos because if that was the case Zimbabwe would have been an economic leader in Africa. Sadly Zimbos can do just about anything for just next to nothing. The S.A. unemployment is as a direct result of the influx of all the illegals that flock to our beloved country.o stay at home and work hard to build your rubble country and stay away from S.A.
    What is happening in Zim will never never never never happen in S.A. first, because we do not have a dictator and will not tolerate one. Secondly, We are far better educated to be told the same lies again and again and believe it as the truth. lastly, remember that I don’t understand SHONA language as you know that I’m not a Zimbo. It reads and sounds Kwere-kwere to me.
    Why the hell would S.africans empower foreigners because we want them to leave our country as soon as possible. No one is S.A. is gratefull to have looting Zimbos. All Zimbos are stressing our economy because all of them swindle our money out of the country every month and that means less tax, less circulation, less expansion of our economy. Like I said that there’s nothing right foreigners are bringing in South Africa.

    If you can all just stay home and leave us alone. It will be better for all of us.

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      Angrymoose 8 years ago

      Some Zimbos are registered tax payers, business owners (employing South Africans), and then I’ld view documenting them as a positive step to ensure a fair contribution to the circulation of their earnings. I wonder whats wrong with us black Africans. When we ill-treat our immediate neighbours to the north while people like Nigerians, Congolese, Malawians, Ghanaians, etc enjoy certain humanitarian rights not to mention the White migrants in this country are treated as demigods, they can stay and do as they please without getting beaten up or restricted and they get documented at the mere snap of a finger. What do you call that.?

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    nyamuzihwa 8 years ago

    i can say life its a journey just think of the time your father or relative used to be in Zim without any problem to Zimbabweans. its only that Zimbabweans was understanding the SA situation by that time. lets know that its not because they want but its because of the situation in Zim please help these people we never know when are we gona be in 5 years to come we might end up in ZIMBABWE seeking for an asylum.

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    Silencer 8 years ago

    l am a proud African and will stay like that .These borders which separate countries would best be described as artificial dermacations put by the colonialists.One day there shall be a United states of Africa long after we are gone and movement will be free from one region to another.Lets embrace brotherly love the ubuntu way.By nature competition will exist always but lets not take to a level of babarians who call each other names.l have discovered some ppl belittle others because of their insecurity.Who is a really South African for history tells us tribes like Zulu came from what is now DRC.The whiteman benefits more from our fights than the South African would benefit from say a foreigner he is attacking who happens to be black.lnstead why not learn from each other .Long back Marcus Garvey said Africa for Africans ,lets unite against the common enemy,the West,who is saying a man must marry another man.No to xenophobia.

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    Im finding it hard to believe some of the comments that my South African neighbours are saying with regard to their fellow neighboring Zimbos. Its as if you do not know the history of the world. Indeed God gives as He Wills and sometimes it is not by choice that you find yourself in a terrible mess or glories of world pleasure. Time would tell as many of us still need to look and learn. I pray that they (Zimbos) won’t be the ones to give you a helping hand!!! But there is a saying in Shona [“do not return evil for evil” “rather be good to those who have once persecuted you”] Pray that they remember this God given teaching!!

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    jena wemachena 8 years ago

    I remember a time when we accomodated mozambicans in zimbabwe cz their country was failing.we had a multitude of foreigners back then cz we had the green pasture.unfortunately some of us were small minded and myopic we bad mouthed and kicked the foreigners out. But now having gone through the same experience ourselves we have come to appreciate neighbourly south africa do not condemn us cz you never know when you shall need ds and believe me you will.

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    thomas moyo 8 years ago

    have you forgotten that Thabo Mbeki once told the African Union that there was no crisis in Zimbabwe when people were dying in Zim.