Dialogue irrelevant says Zanu (PF)

via Dialogue irrelevant says Zanu (PF) | The Zimbabwean 14.05.14 by Nelson Sibanda

Zanu (PF) has ruled out the national dialogue demanded by opposition parties as necessary to haul the economy out of the doldrums. Party spokesman Rugare Gumbo told The Zimbabwean that the politburo did not discuss calls for dialogue at its Monday meeting as it was irrelevant.

Zanu (PF) won the last elections overwhelmingly and had no reason to involve losers in issues to do with national governance, he said. “Zanu (PF) has no time for national dialogue – we are interested in national development, securing lines of credit, land reform and other empowerment projects,” said Gumbo.

He added that his party would look into all aspects of the indigenisation and empowerment policy, and study implications for investors. It would then clarify and advise foreigners about the policy.

He claimed Zimasset had started bearing fruit as shown by the recent commissioning of a massive housing scheme by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa and said the state was in the process of negotiating a loan package with the Chinese to bankroll Zimasset.

Economist Danuel Ndlela said government lacked proper planning and should create an environment which encouraged economic activity. Potential investors were not interested in political assurances, he said.

“Regional and international integration remains key to our economic recovery, as well as unwavering policy coordination, cohesion and commonality among stakeholders,” Ndlela added.

Deputy Reserve Bank Governor Kupukile Mlambo said inconsistent policies would only result in delayed investment and withdrawal of existing investments.

“We need to identify champion business partners, not novices, and find ways to deal with power shortages, capital scarcity and the export deficiency,” he said, and warned that if government did not take corrective measures and attract investment soon, economic growth could assume a negative trend.


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    It is strange that some people are not worried about changes made regarding the important matter of pay. The Lord says, delaying paying your servant is sinful, because the servant will suffer untold inconveniences consequently. Delays are also fraudulent as the pay that is received late is not in line with the stipulated work days. Workers are underpaid, if they receive their pay late, even by a few hours.

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    Mr Mugabe has never graduated from the liberation struggle. He is like a 90 year old schoolboy. He believes that dialogue is not necessary, and that is why he is a failure and that is why Zanu PF is a failure.

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    publicprotector 9 years ago

    I challenge that there are any experienced economists in Zimbabwe. A Dutch national now an economic consultant to the UN spent three years researching in Zimbabwe, gave government a clean bill of health and the onslaught of economic sabotage by the west as our problem – for those dim anti-government activists benefit her 3 year research was accepted by the UN and embarrassed the world bank and IMF. ESAP and the agreement by the G7 to deindustrialize the SADC region made in 2000 were given as reasons for our economic decline stating that Zimbabwe did not have the economists to combat the expertise of the combined economists of the EU.
    This paper was investigated and accepted in full. We still don’t have experienced economists only those that say they are similar to human rights lawyers when no human rights organization locally fits the criteria internationally to be called a human rights organization.
    Due to this Jack Straw did not attempt to legalise sanctions saying to the commons he would be laughed out of the UN.

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      Ruramai 9 years ago

      Publicprotector. The research paper you refer to is obviously a public document. Please provide the name of the Dutch economist who gave our corrupt government a clean bill of health so we can all read the paper for ourselves.

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        He lies as usual. Esap was in the 90’s was advised upon as the government was overspending, Zimbabwe had more ministers than most EU nations and a civil service that was 30% ghost workers. Zimbabwe did not follow ESAP rather Zanu PF decided to loot even further. Mandela was released and Mugabe was no longer the leader of the front line states, less assistance came in but the looting continued. If anyone blame Mandela, if he was not released more aid would have come in maybe satisfying the theft.

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      Apolitical, you back.

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      Don Cox 9 years ago

      “Jack Straw did not attempt to legalise sanctions saying to the commons he would be laughed out of the UN.”

      What has the UN to do with it ? You only go to the UN if you want to persuade other nations to apply the same sanctions.

      Any nation can apply sanctions to any other, according to its own laws. It doesn’t need permission from the UN or anyone else. Nations are independent.

      Zimbabwe can apply travel restrictions to British politicians if and when it wants to.

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    Chaka 9 years ago

    Surely one wd not rule out dialogue as irrelevent at this time. Accepting failure is a strength. Gumbo will get his salary no matter what, n does not care abt the rest of Zimbos.

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    KIBBS 9 years ago

    zanupf perfectly capable of f******** everything up and fully intend continuing to do so.

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    Irrelavant!!!!!! so people should suffer??????

    unoto shaya kuti zvikumbo famba sei

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Just got my new Ford why would I want to talk about the failing economy?

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    They will negotiate. They are already trying to negotiate. They are already backtracking on their headline policies. There are no easy ways out for ZANU. Big talk and posturing have no value.

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    What sort of government refuse to talk to its own people??? Their attitude says a million words does it not? No wonder we are where we are. ZPF wake up!

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    Zanu will never do anything to better the lives Zimbos, but instead they will do anything to protect their loot.

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    Pakukutu 9 years ago

    I partly agree with Gumbo, its not that ZANU Pf doesn’t know what to do to fix this economy, its just the will that is not there. Dialogue means we all take ownership of the mess because ZANU will never implement any outcome of the dialogue that does not suit it as a party or as powerful individuals

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Its this Tsvangirayi fellow who is embarassing the opposition ranks. How on earth can you cry for talks with gukurahundis?

    Instead of engaging in talks for a Grand Coalition of opposition forces and formulating strategies for the 2018 elections, the guy is busy begging and crying tears for talks with gukurahundis. Is this fellow normal?

    By their very nature gukurahundis never talk – the word “negotiations” does not exist in their gukurahundi dictionaries.

    Check their track record during the Liberation struggle; Robert Mugabe was dragged kicking and screaming to the Lancaster House Conference by Samora Machel, after he and his guerillas were threatened with expulsion from Mozambican soil.

    Joshua Nkomo pursued a two-pronged approach to resolving the Rhodesian crisis – talks with Ian Smith alongside the liberation struggle. On the other hand Robert Mugabe pursued war and nothing else.

    Gukurahundis only came around to negotiating with the MDC after unbearable pressure from Mbeki,SADC and the AU. In the absence of outside players, just forget about talks and think and plan long term!!

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    truth 9 years ago

    the mdc wants dialogue for what? Why cant they tell the government what to do to bring the economy to its routine. Isn’t it that there are MDC ministers in the government. I don’t understand what type of dialogue is everyone talking about who and who to talk?

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      furedi 9 years ago

      God forgive me but you are thick.Surely everybody knows that their are no MDC ministers. They only have MPs in Parliament.

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        Straight Shooter 9 years ago

        thats a typical Zim for you; just shooting from the hip without thinking. Indeed you are right; ther are no MDC ministers now, the GPA govt folded up in July 2013.

        The problemm in Zim is that everyone thinks they are clever. This is why they all start with criticising without applying their minds. Even if they later on realise they are wrong; they are still too proud to admit. They either disappear withot saying a word or simply maintaing a stubborn stance. A typical Mugabe attitude, if you ask me.

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    jobolinko 9 years ago

    When esap was introduced they were told to trim the government instead they looted the money ,they were ghost workers ,more soldiers, green bombers,more cabinet ministers, more vice presidents,and lashing out at the west,nothing will succeed as long as zanu is in charge

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    Off course they don’t need to dialogue. they have ALL the answers….

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    It is very absurd for a villain to seek accommodation from the victor. If indeed the MDC was relevant to be a major player in our endeavour for economic emancipation, then their performance during the inclusive government was their undoing. For how can one explain their disastrous showing in the harmonised elections of 2013. Relevance seeking is what is driving these British proxies pronto.

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    Gukurahundi ZANU PF knows very well what has to be done to revive the economy. They are just too proud to admit they have been wrong all along.

    They should learn from Julius Nyerere. After the failure of his UJAMAA, Socialist policies, he abandoned the policy and announced that “All these years we have been marching in the wrong direction…..”.

    I am afraid, I dont expect Mugabe with his gukurahundi mentality to say such things!!

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    Daddy Chikos 9 years ago

    Even Assad does not see the need to reach out to his adversaries as he was voted and is seeking another mandate.