Diamond mine workers down tools

via Diamond mine workers down tools January 4, 2014 by Kenneth Nyangani NewsDay

AT LEAST 200 workers at a Chiadzwa-based Chinese diamond mining firm, Jinan Mining, allegedly downed their tools yesterday demanding their outstanding salaries for the past two months.

Workers committee chairman Francis Matinyarare confirmed the industrial action yesterday.

“While we don’t condone this sit-in being engaged by the workers, we deeply understand the anxiety within the workforce, because we are also part of that workforce being affected,” Matinyarare said.

“What we are saying is that we should sit down with the company management so that we can chart the way forward pertaining to payment of our salaries and we are expecting to know exactly when we are going to receive our salaries.”

This comes hardly a month after the diamond miner retrenched 30 contract workers citing viability problems.

Already, the firm has shut down its mining sites in Chishingwe because of huge costs involved in underground diamond mining.

The mine management could not be reached for comment as they were reportedly in a meeting.

Last month, diamond mining companies operating in Chiadzwa told visiting Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa that they had hit a hard rock and that alluvial deposits of the precious stone were fast running out, while extracting deep conglomerate gems was not commercially viable.

However, Chidhakwa told the miners to balance alluvial and conglomerate operations.

There are several companies licensed to mine diamonds in Chiadzwa including Mbada Diamonds, Marange Resources, Anjin Investments, Diamond Mining Company, Jinan, Rera, Kusena and Gye Nyame.


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    zim4u 8 years ago

    This is zimbabwean disease of not paying worker blaming everything on sanctions its very sad the funny thing about the whole drama is rich will get richer & da poor will surfer yet the big guys are enjoying holidays with theirs family zanu you have failed the country

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    Greyhora 8 years ago

    The truth of the matter is that the spirits are angry at what has been happening to our diamonds. They have not run out, they have simply been “hidden” until the zhings move out!!