Diaspora critical for Zimbabwe’s economy

via Diaspora critical for economy, opposition 07/05/2014 NewZimbabwe

OPPOSITION leaders have called on the government to re-engage Zimbabweans living outside the country as efforts continue to find solutions to the country’s faltering economy.

The leaders were speaking at a public forum in Harare organized by Sapes Trust under the theme ‘Zimbabwe Going Forward; Consolidating the democratization Processes and Re-enforcing Re-engagement with the Global Community’.

Calls for national re-engagement come at a time Zimbabwe is battling a mounting economic problems although the government remains confident that its ZimAsset economic blueprint will begin soon show positive results.

Former Finance Minister and leader of the MDC-T Renewal Team, Tendai Biti however, said the policy had no chance of succeeding and called for new dialogue to come up with a better programme.

“ZimAsset is not an economic blue print; it’s a political statement. There is need for the government to re-engage with everyone including the Diaspora,’’ he said.

Mavambo leader Simba Makoni, also a former treasury chief, agreed with Biti and insisted that any new national re-engagement would not be possible without Zimbabweans outside the country.

“National re-engagement will not be possible without engaging Zimbabweans outside the country,” he said Makoni adding the exiles should however, not wait to be invited but demand to be part of the process.

With over three million Zimbabweans living outside the country, according to the United Nations Development report (2010), analysts say this demographic could help drive economic growth if the government comes up with the right strategies to harness what many consider an important resource.

According to Simon Nhongo, an independent development management consultant who was part of the panel, the Diaspora can contribute immensely to the economic development of any country.

“Strategically managed and harnessed, the Diaspora can be a very powerful tool in the country’s economic advancement. Currently the Zimbabwe Diaspora contributes about 7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” he said.

The ruling Zanu PF has not sought to reach out to the Diaspora in an organized in way, considering the majority of them a captive constituency for the opposition.

But the opposition’s abysmal performance in national elections worsened by power struggles that threaten to break up parties such as the MDC-T have seen many in the Diaspora conclude they have no chance of toppling President Robert Mugabe.

Zanu PF, for its part, appears aware of the mood swing.

“Now that the Diaspora have lost their political home with the crisis in the MDC-T, I urge my colleagues in Zanu PF to vigorously campaign for the Diaspora vote,’ said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Chris Mutsvangwa.

Speaking in Bulawayo early this year, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo also said the government was “definitely” committed to Diaspora engagement.

“We didn’t have this notion of Diaspora as a positive thing. We took the position that these asylum seekers are running away and embarrassing their country,” Moyo told the Bulawayo Press Club.

“But these guys now constitute a whole critical strategic population called Zimbabweans in the Diaspora with experience, and some with resources. The most important experience they have is the knowledge advantage and it’s rooted in the education they got here.

“We now a challenge to come up with incentives, serious incentives, to attract them to come back home because this is what will determine, define success in this phase of our country’s development.”


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    ZimJim 9 years ago

    “We now a challenge to come up with incentives, serious incentives, to attract them to come back home because this is what will determine, define success in this phase of our country’s development.”

    Only one incentive required, Moyo, and its that you and your fellow thieving idiots disappear. Simple!

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    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    Well said Zimjim. A whole new political dispensation is required and the main drivers must not be the murderous ,treasonous bunch of looters.
    We need new political play makers and this would be all inclusive,business, diaspora ,churches, chiefs and civic groups. All egos must be locked way and left at home.
    Anew Zimbabwe should then image which is people oriented .

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    ownzim 9 years ago

    I think he means the chefs’ moneys in the diaspora. Not us. Dont you think? If we combine the bigwigs loot, dont you think we can revive Bulawayo’s industries? If they cant reinvest their loot, who do they think wil bring his money from diaspora to invest. Charity begins from diaspora????

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    judge 9 years ago

    zimbabweans in diaspora are being denied the right to vote from wherever they are but their money is badly needed by the gvt,talking about double standards!

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    The incentive is go and bury Mugabe, resign the entire govt disarm the army generals and fire all senior police, replace the judges. Then we will maybe consider about coming back oh and get rid of the hate for the west, whites, and everyone who opposes zanupf. Hey I might even bring my millions I made because zanupf forced me out of the country.

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      Hear, hear friend, I too might bring the millions I have made to our beloved home, Zimbabwe, when the thief muugabe and his hangerons depart.Hopely to eternity.

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    If you love Zimbabwe, you will be here fighting Mugabe with your millions, not miles away in some distant place, where it is easy to criticize anyone you wish. The reality of life in Zimbabwe is lacking from the comments we read here everyday.

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    JOHNSON 9 years ago

    Even the death of MDC does not mean ZANU PF can now cherry pick. The diaspora and ZANU PF are like oil and water, looking at how all antecedents. Long shot. Diaspora cannot support that at all. In fact that is irritating for now until the right policies are in place and there are proper Human resources to direct policy. As of now we only see arrogant, unrependant faces. How long and after how much damage do some people learn their lessons. WE wil see. Do the right things comrades

  • comment-avatar
    JOHNSON 9 years ago

    Jay c. Typical JC mentality. What kind of thinking is that …..immanent reasoning and failure to grasp essentials. Anyway we have many like you bro…We welcome freedom of speech. KIKIKIKIKK. BUt no millions are about to come there yet. Just park and cool down.

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    JOHNSON 9 years ago

    Love Zimbabwe in life……and death? Thats dedication indeed! You are true patriot JC guarding our ‘sovereignity and preventing invasions by Britian’. Guys this joke is no longer funny. There is no economy in Zimbabwe now!!