Dube could pocket $20m

via Dube could pocket $20m – DailyNews Live by Roadwin Chirara 29 JANUARY 2014 

Retired Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) chief executive Cuthbert Dube could walk away with nearly $20 million following his forced exit from the cash-strapped organisation.

Normal human resources practice dictates that terminal benefits should be calculated at between three to four months’ salary for every year served in the organisation.

Dube, who was on Monday forced to quit his post, has been reportedly earning a $230 000 monthly salary.

The ex-Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings chairperson, according to the company’s website has been with the medical services provider for the past 27 years, having joined the old Public Service Medical Aid Society in 1986 as an internal auditor and later elevated to chief executive officer in 1992.

What this means is that the debt-ridden medical services provider could be forced to fork out as much as $18,6 million in terminal benefits as part of Dube’s exit package.

Psmas is currently reeling from debts of over $38 million, being unpaid bills for medical services rendered to its members who stand at more than 600 000.

Human resources experts however, said the long-serving executive should have been fired, without any terminal benefits, for failing to fulfil his mandate.

Memory Nguwi, a managing consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants said Dube did not deserve to be paid as he had failed to fulfil his mandate at the helm of Psmas.

“Since he has left because of a scandal he should not be paid anything, after all he failed to fulfil his role as the head of the company,” he said.

On whether the payments due to the former chief executive would be that high, Nguwi said it was likely the institution would negotiate the package.

“If he was earning a normal salary, then normal procedures would apply, but in this case they might have to look for new parameters as the old ones do not apply.

“His salary is just not normal as chief executive’s average between $10 000  and $15 000 per month,” he said.

Nguwi said the government-owned institution should have taken the disciplinary hearing route, thus allowing it to terminate his employment at no cost to the organisation, if found guilty.

“That is the correct route they should have taken when handling his case. If there is an offence or one is suspected, one is taken for a hearing but in some cases the employer can chose to pay them off and this is usually negotiated,” he said.

“In most cases, top executives are given golden handshakes to save face for the company yet actually they deserved to be dismissed from their roles.”

Dube was on Monday relieved of his duties by the company’s board through retirement, with the changes also claiming the scalp of its chairperson Meisie Namasasu.

Initially, the board had resolved to slash his salary to $60 000 per month, a top market ripple given prevailing rates.

Developments at Psmas come amid an outcry over salaries paid out to top executives at the society who were reported to earn between $120 000 and $230 000 per month.

Altogether, the top management at Psmas were earning at least $1 million monthly.


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    Antonio Delgado 8 years ago

    Please, just fire his ass, sue him for the 20 million he was over paid during his reign……
    What a embezzlemunt, thief , whatever……

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    The ZANU labour laws are designed to protect the lazy and dishonest at the expense of those who work. This is their specific purpose.

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    Only in Zimbabwe…

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 8 years ago

    This is simply a perpetuation thievery and looting of public wealth by the Gushungo-boys(you may call them Gushungolites if if you want). Honestly, who doesn’t know that if the idea was to really put a stop to these obscene salaries for these clueless CEO, whose key qualifications are just some personal connection and blind loyalty to the Zim demi-god himself then these individual would not only deserve to be fired but also to be criminally charged. You can not tell us that the laws of the land so week that one can get away with such massive looting and distraction of public institutions and go on to deserve a hand-shake. My foot! A hand-shake for what? For giving oneself $40k or $230K per month and then fail to pay a work who earns $150 per month or run down the institution to the extend that it is no-longer credit worthy by any standards and beneficiaries who are the contributors to the scheme being looted have to pay cash on visiting hospitals? Disgusting; isn’t? I thing problem is maZimbo acho most of them are zombies – kunedzimwe nyika this guys vayiendesewa kwamufiga nebwe by public demand. Surely if the system ceases to protect those it should protect wouldn’t it be logical for the public to take matters in their own hands?

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    Tapuwa Mukuruvambwa 8 years ago

    He will be better of.Hapana chaanomboona. Vana Masimirembwa hapana chavakaona.

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    If the AG does not bring charges against ALL the Comrades looting Public coffers then set ZIMRA on them. They have 1 Beeeellion shortfall to make up. Hit them where it hurts – the pocket. Then use tax evasion laws to chuck them in Avengers snake pit.

  • comment-avatar
    mutakura 8 years ago

    Nassa should be investigated. Corruption there stinks

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    These are Zanu pf children so don’t expect much but if they were MDC T’s, no stone or rock will be left unturned. Ask Commissioner General Chihure.

  • comment-avatar
    Only Fools 8 years ago

    He wont be charged because he owes all the Ministers a cut of that stolen loot! Who judges the judge in Zim? A looter continues