Behead rapists?

via Behead rapists: First Lady – DailyNews Live. 15 June 2014  by  Wendy Muperi

HARARE – First Lady Grace Mugabe says men who rape young girls should be beheaded because they have no place in a normal society.

She advised sex-starved men to hire prostitutes instead of forcing themselves on young girls.

Mugabe was speaking at the World Blood Donation Day in Chinhoyi yesterday.

Running under the theme “Safe blood for saving mothers”, she added her voice to the growing calls, especially from women and human rights groups, for sterner penalties to be imposed on men who rape young girls.

“Looking at men, I am saying while others are donating blood to improve life, some are destroying that life,” she said.

“There was an article that I saw which said a child had been raped by her uncle, unfortunately she was raped to the extent that the uterus ruptured.

“That child has lost her womanhood. That child will never have her own family. That child will grow up traumatised, she will feel that she is not part of the society.

“I think people who commit such heinous crimes should be immediately send to the gallows kunochekwa musoro chaiko

“Handione reason yekuti patombofungwa kana chii, kana munhu achingozviita chete anofanirwa kuno chekwa musoro, (I don’t see the reason why we should consider anything else, if a person rapes then he must be beheaded) because he is not suitable to be part of this society,” she said.

The country’s rape statistics were disturbing, the First Lady said, painting a grim picture of rape.

She said at least 27 women and children are raped every day.

And with some communities putting a thick veil of secrecy on the ever increasing abuse of the girl-child and women, statistics could be even higher.

Although pressure groups have ramped up efforts to encourage women to speak out, many suffer in silence as they fear censure from a largely patriarchal society, where perpetrators of rape are close relatives including fathers who impregnate their own children.

Oppah Muchinguri, Women Affairs minister, recently called for the custodial rape sentence of 20 years per count, as the crime continues to go up.

Yesterday, Mugabe’s wife, who also looks after orphans, said the country statutes should be “revisited and stiff penalties should be imposed so that would-be rapists would be deterred from committing the crime.”

“When God fashioned you (men) with those instruments that you carry around and abuse, his intention was for you to use them for reproduction, but the way you go and sow those seeds is sometimes disheartening,” she said.

“Zvakanaka here kuenda kunodyara seed iyi mumwana mudiki? (Is it ok to plant your seed in kids?) It is embarrassing! It is very bad.

“Baba vakataura wani kuti kana zvanetsamunongotsvaka ma (Isn’t it that the President said when you are in need of sex you look for) prostitutes”

Turning to the occasion, Grace said Zimbabweans should donate blood in order to boost the national blood bank.

“I am informed that our youths continue to be the leading contributors to the national blood bank contributing over 70 percent of the blood in our bank while a reasonable 29 percent is coming from adults.

“In light of the above statistics, I wish to commend the youths and the adult population for their splendid contribution,” she said

She said the price of blood was too high and out of reach for most persons in need.

“We must therefore find ways of funding the National Blood Services Zimbabwe in order to reduce or even remove in some cases the cost-related blood supply to the vulnerable, needy patient,” she said.

The commemorations were attended by Cabinet ministers Ignatius Chombo, Webster Shamu, David Parirenyatwa, Walter Mzembi, Mashonaland West resident Minister Faber Chidarikire and the Zanu PF provincial leadership.




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    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    I wonder if Grace is a blood donor? On the other hand, who would want her blood?

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    She speaks like the babarian she is.
    First she wrecks someone’s home.
    Jumps into her still warm bed.
    Breeds with her geriatric husband.
    Before the woman is cold in her grave,
    Disgrace weds the geriatric.

    She has been evicting poor villagers left right and center with not so much as a conscience for their welfare.
    Basically she has no heart.

    If anyone should be beheaded let it be her and all the robbers raping Zimbabwe day in day out!!.

    As for her suggestion for rapists to got to quench their appetite on prostitutes…what ludicrous suggestion is that. Did she even think before she opened her gob?
    Nobody Not even prostitutes deserve to be raped.Rapists rape because they are not normal. They do not enjoy the normal consentual sexual relationships. Somebody needs to explain the psychology of a rapist to Disgrace and all politicians who think that rapists can be cured of their warped tendencies by sleeping with prostitutes instead.
    A rapist will leave his wife at home and go rape. Having a wife or regular sex partner is not a deterrant for these opportunistic sexual preditors.

    Please think and do some research before coming up with ridiculous statements.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Does this include her sons?

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    Does it include the well known zanupf child rapists chiyangwa mliswa kaukonde matongo tino chinyoka kereke karikoga and munyaradzi kaseke brothers mandiwanzira zhuwao zhanda chinotimba black Jesus kasukuvere chiwenga perence shiri joey bimha Terence Hussain charamba sons of zvivanashe and nhema etc etc……we have a list a mile long. No justice will be permitted

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    What punishment would Grace prescribe for thieves? Careful, Grace, this is a trick question.

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    Msizeni Silwelani 8 years ago

    Sounds like prostitution is legalised. Am i wrong?

    However, as suggested, rapists are just insane and diserve the worst form of punishment. Whores exist not by choice, they also bore the brant of rapists.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    Grace I give you full credit for officially announcing that rapists should be beheaded. Please tell this to your Bob that they are all guilty of rape. From 1980 to now. The ICC HAVE TAKEN YOUR COMMENTS ON BOARD. Thankyou .

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    Doris 8 years ago

    I can think of something else that should be chopped off. Let them keep their heads and suffer the result of castration for the rest of their lives.

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Marie attoinette is calling for people to be beheaded?