Sibanda to take over from Moyo?

via Sibanda to take over from Moyo? | The Financial Gazette – Zimbabwe News. 19 June 2014 by Ray Ndlovu


DORCAS Sibanda, the acting Bulawayo chairperson of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by Morgan Tsvangirai, is likely to take over from Gorden Moyo, who resigned from the post. Moyo suddenly resigned as chairperson of Bulawayo province, citing differences over the direction the MDC-T had taken. Sibanda had been deputising Moyo since the elective congress held in 2011, which elevated the latter to the top job in one of the MDC-T’s strongholds.

In her favour, Sibanda enjoys the backing of Thokozani Khupe, the MDC-T’s vice-president. But she is unlikely to have it easy though. The Veterans Association — a wing of the MDC-T’s founding members — resolved on Sunday “to put forward one of their own” in the running for the vacant post, a clear sign that Sibanda does not have the overall endorsement from party members in the province.

Dark horses also seen as likely to resist Sibanda’s elevation include Matson Hlalo, the Mzilikazi Senator who lost out to Moyo under heavily contested circumstances in 2011.
Moyo garnered 183 votes against Hlalo’s 172 votes, in a vote marred by violence. Sibanda, confirmed this week that she will throw her hat into the ring for the vacant chairperson post. She, however, said she was unfazed by the opponents who lurked in the shadows.

“People have a right to choose their own candidate and, as a woman, I will stand and be a representative of other women in the province. As women we have never failed and my performance in the chairperson post is an indication that women can also hold influential positions, are the best organisers, managers and are administration builders. I have already been the deputy chairperson in Bulawayo for long and I would have let down my fellow women supporters by not standing for the position,” said Sibanda.

She said the filling of Moyo’s position would follow deliberations by the party’s highest decision-making body, the MDC-T’s national council. Moyo was a member of the national council. “His resignation was also addressed to the national council…so the green-light for the filling in of that position will come from the national structures. It cannot be determined at a provincial level,” said Sibanda.

“Moyo’s resignation has not stopped anything at the moment in the MDC-T in Bulawayo from taking place. I have been chairing since congress time and time again and there is nothing that can stop me from taking up the position on a substantive basis.”

While the MDC-T leadership has downplayed the impact of Moyo’s departure on the party’s fortunes, his resignation has already sparked internecine infighting, as different interest groups angle for the vacant position.


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  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 8 years ago

    Its wise to have more women in leading positions to balance and strengthen the party, if you look at the renewal team not so many are women notably Evelyn Masaiti,they dont bottle things or stab in the back they would rather speak out and discuss

    • comment-avatar
      TRUETH 8 years ago

      @jobolinko;Its ok to have women in positions but tht women must not be imposed or rigged for by leadership let the women run the race and win fairly in the race.Everyone should participate but with merit.If you just putting women on positions because thy are women without merit or scretunizing her behaviour sorry my friend you moght head for nose dive and tht is wht has killed Mdc-t even the position of Vice president must be openned to anybody not reserving it for women or Matbeland people by so doing you are creating hard workers and honest people

  • comment-avatar
    youths 8 years ago

    We as Bulawayo youths we are against rigging,imposition of candiadtes and devisive policecis.Dorcas Sibanda rigged the last congress elections along side MDC-T security aides secondly last year she rigged primary elections along side Abdnico Bhebhe using Zanu pf Structures thirdly Youths have been denied opportunities to stand and reprisent in Province and parliment more over Dorcas Sibanda comes from Zvimba we are going to make sure people who have clean records and are in support of youths are taking Bulawayo chairmanship post.Enough is enough

  • comment-avatar
    8 bulawayo constituencies 8 years ago

    This time we are refusing to be used like yoyozie Dorcas stop day dreaming she would rather fold her arms and concertrate on her constituency only coz we have waked up from our slumber.Ths women wht ever is distroying our part we are not going to allow it.Viva peoples chairman not Dorcas

  • comment-avatar
    Entumbane/Pumula 8 years ago

    Dorcas and Crew people no yo evil deeds more over she belongs to renewal team last election she was part and parcel of the team tht rigged primary elections for Renewal people which are Temba Nyathi,Reggie Moyo and Anele Ndebele.Moreover in Entumbane thy blocked the prefered candidates and imposed thrs.