Gonese urges govt to get serious about economic policy

via Gonese urges govt to get serious about economic policy | The Zimbabwean 22.05.14 by Marcus Tawona

The time has come for those who stole the July 31 elections to admit that they have failed the nation and be humble enough to engage those with solutions to end the economic crisis, says Mutare Central Member of Parliament Innocent Gonese.

He accused Zanu (PF) of destroying a once-vibrant economy through mismanagement and poor economic policies and bemoaned the closure of companies such as Mutare Board and Paper Mill, Karina Textile, Quest Motors and Cairns Holding, saying it had caused untold suffering to his constituents.

Gonese said Zanu (PF) should not point fingers at anyone for the economic meltdown, but should swallow humble pie and apologise for failing the nation. He said Mutare Central had become a constituency of vendors, adding that many people had been condemned to begging.

“The economy has plunged to unprecedented levels. Where are the 2, 2 million jobs they (Zanu-PF) promised during their campaign? Bhadhella Wholesalers also closed shop recently – another clear indication that we are heading for tough times,” said Gonese.

He said the situation would not get any better if Zanu (PF) continued to cling to power without finding solutions to the challenges facing the nation. “There is need for national dialogue to find long-lasting solutions to our challenges as a nation,” added the MDC-T legislator.

The leader of his party, Morgan Tsvangirai, has repeatedly called for dialogue with Zanu (PF) in the wake of the disputed polls, but the ruling party insists there is no need for any talks.

Gonese said the root cause of the country`s problems was lack of consistency in policy within the Zanu (PF) government. “You will hear the Minister of Finance saying Zimbabwe needs more friends and next day his colleagues in the same government are doing the opposite. We have to be cognizant that we cannot talk only of a Look East policy. We have to look West, South, and North for partnerships that really work,” he said.

Zimbabwe should mend relationships and admit the challenges of maladministration, corruption and stolen elections that need to be resolved, he added. “You cannot preach the gospel against corruption and not do anything to eradicate it. As a starting point Zanu (PF) should admit that they have done wrong, made some grave mistakes that have led us to where we are today. You cannot indicate left then turn right,” said Gonese.

He also criticised the Zanu (PF) indigenisation and empowerment programme, saying it had done more harm than good. “Indigenisation is desirable, but we cannot have a one size fit all situation. You cannot have a situation where the investor who has capital becomes a minority shareholder. Right now there is a climb-down by Zanu (PF) on this policy and this is causing confusion.”

He urged government to review the whole policy in a consistent manner to get rid of confusion, and the implementation of investor-friendly policies.


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    Daniel Berejena 8 years ago

    Well said Honourable Gonese. I wish Mugabe could listen

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    Zanu does not care about people anymore! Dialogue with them is just waste of time. They create problems and then they it s sanctions!

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    Indigenisation International Plc for Zimbabwe

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    JOHNSON 8 years ago

    The whole raft of policies economic,political, social, legal,should be overhauled because of the inextricable symbiosis and interdependence they have. You cannot have one without the other. By the way things are going it seems these guys are only looking at “micro-economics’ reduced to see where they will be located if they change policies……”What is in it for us (ZPF elite). They are not concerned about the broader picture inclusive of all citizens. For example they wanted shares in mines….how exactly would that benefit an old woman in Nembudziya. It’s obvious that given the lack of communication only those at the top will have the social capital to link and know, and due to the rampant poverty among the masses only the powerful and the mighty will benefit. It all boils to selective beneficiation and trying to get security in case of losing power. However stolen security is not safe enough especially when power changes hands and what was stolen has to be returned to the state and thieves have to go to jail. Its a catch 22 situation which is making those in power refuse to go because going and losing MATERIALLY ARE INTRINSICALLY INTERTWINED!! We have a big problem which a complex labyrinth not easy to comprehend, but actually imba yemashanga. If a cat dares to lean against is it will crumble like a deck of cards. The problem is the problem seems seems immensely frigtening and insurmountable. But actually there are solutions available but why these guys do not want to take these obviously good routes is baffling to say the least. we are now suspicious of the underlying motives. Lets forget what is being said and focus on what is NOT bieng said. When we do that we see a sinister and unsavoury picture. May God help ZIMBABWE>

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Sorry to say Mr Gonese but you are wasting your time & energy asking these incompetent thugs to change-they will not.The only solution is for them to go one way or the other. All we can do is hope & pray it happens sooner than later, when it’s possibly too late!

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Isn’t Meikles Park in your constituency?

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    This is how corruption works. You get the power for self benefit. Once you get it you stay there until you are pushed out. Unless you are you will continue to do business as usual. You continue to amass ill gotten wealth at the expense of everyone else and become deaf and blind to anything that does not benefit you. As long as you are in power, why change when you are realising all you set to do, and more? The point is; all this “let’s talk” nonsense with ZANU PF is just that, NONSENSE. They are in power and they have not been pushed out, yet. So why talk? Unless, of course the proponent of the discourse is also aiming for the same.