Gorden Moyo challenges #mugabe to set up corruption commission

Gorden Moyo challenges #mugabe to set up corruption commission

via Gorden Moyo challenges Mugabe to set up corruption commission by Tatenda Chitagu March 10, 2014 NewsDay

FORMER State Enterprises and Parastatals minister Gorden Moyo has challenged President Robert Mugabe to show his sincerity in tackling obscene salaries earned by parastatal, State entity and local authority bosses by setting up an independent commission to probe endemic corruption in the country.

“If he is serious about corruption, then he should today set up a commission like the Sandura Commission and the findings should go to Parliament and not him,” Moyo said at a public meeting organised by Crisis Coalition Zimbabwe (CCZ) and Transparency International last Thursday.

Moyo, who is also MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson and Makokoba MP, said there was nothing new about the exposé on nerve-wrecking salaries and perks as Zanu PF was in the know.

“There is nothing new . . . Mugabe and the entire Cabinet knew about it. It is just factional politics at play, hence the exposés.
“We talked of it during the inclusive government period and there are several companies involved. We did a survey and by then in 2011, the highest obscene perks were around $20 000 per month,” he said.

Moyo said he took the report to Cabinet, but nothing was done about it.

“I took the matter to Cabinet after proposing $5 000 and Cabinet said it was good and ministers should implement the new proposal, but nothing was implemented. The salaries were increased instead. The decision was ignored because an MDC-T minister was overseeing parastatals,” Moyo said.

He said several ministers from Zanu PF did not implement the decision because they fed from the same trough with the parastatal bosses.

“Some ministers were beneficiaries of the loot. They did not implement the decision because they were part of the looting. Even now, they are beneficiaries.”

Moyo said corruption in the country would not end unless the culprits were brought to book.

“Corruption will remain deeply entrenched in the country because those exposed are not yet arrested. Dissolving boards alone is not enough. Mugabe denounces corruption and that is as far as it goes. He will do nothing about corruption. The country needs a major paradigm shift from such a corruption mentality. There should be a complete overhaul,” Moyo said.



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    Nyoni 4 years

    That Mugabe and rabble must simply vanish. Catch a plane to Malaysia with your goons and go away.

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    Roving Ambassador 4 years

    Come on Moto, don’t set up apolitical trap for us.What genuine commission would Mugabe sert up to investigate himself? It will be a whitewash. Let’s be serious people . Consetrate on exposing these criminals so people can see. Yup guys failed to do so in government. Give us a break.

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    Mike Nyathi 4 years

    Gorden Moyo challenges Adolf Hitler to establish human rights commission. Gorden Moyo challenges Kenny Kunene to establish Commission for Clean Living. Gorden Moyo challenges Jacob Zuma to become a monk. Oh my word. Gorden Moyo. Are you and Eddie Cross smoking something together in Bulawayo that you bought on your last trip to the Zambezi valley??

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    Mlimo 4 years

    Didn’t he get his share oh shame they forgot to cut him in on the loot

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    Brian 4 years

    Don’t ask for western aid when well all know it’s straight into Mugabe’s hoodlums’ pockets. Hey, RGM, when you die I will be next to you and I will whisper “Happy? Want me to stuff dollars down your throat to feed you”. May God have mercy on your soul, you disGrace as an African “man”.

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    Tanonoka Joseph Whande 4 years

    Gorden Moyo should just shut up. I see that he has now suddenly developed a knack of criticising things that took place during his tenure in government. We never heard from him when he was in cabinet. All these things happened when he was a so-called minister. Why didn’t he talk about these issues then? Now that he and his party have been kicked out of government, he is talking out loud about things they used to see (or do) while in cabinet but kept quiet.
    He is just a bitter man for having been thrown off the gravy train. It is hard to believe his chanting because these things happened when he was part of the government; these misdemeanors did not happen after the elections.