Help with the basics

via Help with the basics | The Zimbabwean by Mxolisi Ncube

The mainstream MDC has launched a programme that seeks to compensate those who have been affected by Zanu (PF) violence.

The party’s district organising secretary for Johannesburg, Trust Ndlovu, told The Zimbabwean that the programme, already in full swing, would see the MDC-T helping less fortunate activists and the families of those who died in the “struggle for democracy”.

“We have decided to begin the process in Bulawayo by assisting the family of the late Patrick Nabanyama, who was abducted and killed by Zanu (PF) just before the 2000 elections, after which we will go to other provinces,” said Ndlovu.

“Mrs Nabanyama is not the only one we have identified in Bulawayo, but I mention her because hers has been one of the biggest test cases of the party’s ability to come to the aid of those that have died fighting for democracy in the MDC ranks. We want to show our activists that the party of excellence will not forget them and that they did not make a mistake by joining the MDC.”

The party has donated food, blankets and other forms of humanitarian assistance to keep the families afloat.

The MDC-T’s Johannesburg district two years ago launched a programme to identify activists who were affected by Zimbabwe’s post-1999 political violence and who are still struggling to recover from their ordeals.

The first phase of the programme was focused on creating a database of party members who were displaced, brutalised and killed by Zimbabwean state security agents since the formation of the MDC in 1999.