Job Sikhala questioned, released

via Updated: Sikhala questioned, released – NewsDay Zimbabwe by Tapiwa Zivira April 15, 2014 in NewsDay

Police on Tuesday morning interrogated and released MDC-T’s Job Sikhala over the ‘war against government’ statements he allegedly made at a rally in Kuwadzana over the weekend.

Sikhala’s lawyer, Obert Gutu, who is also an MDC-T official, posted on his Facebook this morning: “I am absolutely glad that my client, Job Wiwa Sikhala was not detained and also that no criminal charges were formally laid against him. However, there was some fairly aggressive interrogation by Chief Superintendent Moyo, Chief Supt. Ngirishi , Supt. Murenje, Detective Inspector Mirimbo and Detective Inspector Murira.”

“My client explained the context and meaning of his address at the MDC rally in Kuwadzana last Sunday. The long and short of it is that my client didn’t breach any of the country’s laws.”

It is alleged,  that Sikhala urged MDC-T supporters to prepare for ‘war’ against government.

Sikhala had written on his Facebook wall this morning” “(I) have agreed with my lawyer Obert Chaurura Gutu, to surrender myself to the Law and Order Section of the ZRP today at 10 o’clock this morning.”


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    Chaka 8 years ago

    Let’s back Job Sikhala. It’s not a war of arms.

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    we are behind you Job, you are right its time to fight .war to Zanu

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    So Job said don’t worry suprintedent, it was just meant for the rally. You know I can’t do that. It was just a fools day joke intended at testing how ready pple are for uprising! But ah, they are not yet ready. Yu can rule 5 more years

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    Kubota Binga 8 years ago

    If I were Govt I would just ignore MDC T. Just not relevant anymore!

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    At least Sikhala has some fire for Pete’s sake. He is NOT talking violence but he is talking peaceful action. ZPF forgets it took up arms of war to dislodge Smith and the boys. But for them what is sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander. They are pathetic!

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    Mugabe should be asking himself why he is no longer the wonder boy that most people revered in 1980. The shine is gone for a reason Bob. You betrayed the people.You married Disgrace and she opened your eyes to greed, she made you think its okay to spit and defeacate in your own backyard.

    The respect is gone.So yes you are hated by most. Hate you for stealing our youth. ship out!

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      Lucy, I like your fire but hatred is a wasted and destructive emotion. And it destroys from the inside. When we bless those who despitefully use us we heap burning coals upon their heads and it frees God to move. When we hat and carry bitterness we not only bind ourselves but we bind the other person too. I know its hard and it must be a work of God in our hearts: to love our enemy as He commands.

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    MDC T needs more Sikalas at this time, it looks like others are tired. Rise up ladies and gentlemen of MDC T as we know you from the beginning, we are tired of politicians of the mouth than action. Stop making unnecessary noise which is irrelevant at this time. People are ready to move forward but they lack leadership. I salute you Job Sikala.

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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Why waste police and Sakala’s time when the police have real looters and corrupt people to interview? We have the right to fight injustice through peaceful ways even if the police break this rule of law and order everytime eg they attack WOZA ladies when they make peaceful demonstrations.Grow up you high ranking police because time its not on your side.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    That Sikala was not detained by police after interrogation means our police force is beginning to realise the importance of freedom of speech. Man was given the mouth not only for eating but for freedom of speech as well. Let people use the gift of speech freely given to us by God. Nyika ikazara zvimumu inozonakidza here. Regai vanhu vataure, imi gadziridzai mhosho dzenyu zve itai zvinoda vanhu “tiende pamodzi ndimutima umodzi.”

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    leave zanu alone ndisu takavhota